Israelis get global High Holy terror warning

By Josh Jackman, August 19, 2013

Israel has warned its citizens across the world that there are “concrete” indications they will be targeted by terrorists in the coming weeks.

The government’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau has warned Israelis and Jews to stay away from dozens of countries in the run-up to the High Holy Days, calling it “a favoured period” for organisations such as al-Qaeda to strike.


Trouble in paradise: fears for Eilat after terror alerts

By Anshel Pfeffer and Gur Salomon, August 15, 2013

Fears have been raised that Eilat’s status as a tourist destination could be in jeopardy if the terror attacks that took place this week continue.

Rocket fire from jihadists over the border in Egypt and the temporary closure of the city’s airport after a warning about a possible missile attack on an airline, left tourists and residents shaken.


Why the I-word has closed down debate on extremism

By John Ware, July 26, 2013

David Aaronovitch is a gifted commentator, and fearless in speaking his mind. How his tireless defence of the Iraq invasion has gone down in his native Hampstead, I can only imagine, for Aaronovitch is not a man to trim.


Terrorists appeal

July 25, 2013

The Lord Chief Justice is to decide whether to quash three Manchester jihadi terrorists’ convictions.

The trio wanted to kill Jews, used anti-Israel films to recruit terrorists and organised support for a Gaza convoy.

Munir Farooqi is appealing against both his conviction and life sentence for preparing acts of terrorism and three counts of soliciting to murder.


Britain denies Hamas claims about ‘secret talks’

By Bernard Josephs, July 19, 2013

Claims from Gaza that EU governments, including Britain, are keen to build backchannel ties with Hamas have been strongly denied in London and treated with scepticism in Israel.


Abu Qatada faces trial over plot to kill Israeli tourists

By Josh Jackman, July 8, 2013

Abu Qatada has asked to be released on bail ahead of his trial for conspiring to carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli tourists visiting Jordan.

The radical cleric, who was deported from London to Amman yesterday, is charged with planning assaults on Westerners, including Israelis and Americans, in 1999 and 2000.


CST chief executive Richard Benson steps down

By Marcus Dysch, July 4, 2013

Community Security Trust chief executive Richard Benson has announced that he is to leave the charity after 12 years at the helm.

Under his leadership, CST, which provides security at Jewish events and communal buildings, and monitors antisemitic activity, has received praise and recognition for its work both in Britain and abroad.


Hizbollah cash case to be heard in High Court

By Simon Rocker, June 28, 2013

The High Court is set to hear a dispute next year over a company partly controlled by a Saudi prince, which is alleged to have laundered money for Hizbollah.

Mr Justice Vos has cleared the way for the case to go ahead after a challenge as to whether the court had jurisdiction to hear it.


Jewish man shot dead at Western Wall

By Zoe Winograd, June 21, 2013

A Jewish man has been killed at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Doron Ben Shlush, 46, was shot several times by a security guard on Friday morning.

The security guard, 25, told police that the victim yelled " Allah Akbar " , meaning " God is greater " in Arabic, and reached for his pocket. These movements led the guard to believe the man was about to commit a terrorist attack.


No arrests at Closer to Israel as volunteers help keep the peace

By Marcus Dysch, June 6, 2013

It took weeks of planning and required hundreds of volunteers, but the huge operation mounted by the Community Security Trust ensured Closer to Israel passed off safely.

According to CST, more than 250 of its members were brought in from across the country to police Sunday’s event.