Boost for appliance of science

By Simon Rocker, April 23, 2015

Scientific co-operation between Israel and Britain has been strengthened with the signing of an agreement between two leading research organistions.

The Royal Society and the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities will collaborate on a five-year exchange programme to build relationships between Israeli and British researchers.


Could scanner revolutionise how you live?

By Josh Jackman, April 23, 2015

What's in your medicine? Is it time to water your plant? And how many calories are in that extra slice of cake?

SCiO, the first ever pocket-sized molecular scanner, can answer all these questions and more.


Phone store boss attacks ‘arrogant Jews’

By Sandy Rashty, April 23, 2015

The assistant manager of an EE mobile phone shop has claimed “Jewish people are very arrogant”.

Daniel Reid made the comment after a staff member at his Tottenham Hale, north London, store was accused of turning away Jewish customers.


Government announces £1.2 million UK-Israel cyber security project

By Marcus Dysch, March 24, 2015

British and Israeli academics will take part in a £1.2 million joint cyber security research project announced by the Cabinet Office.

There will be three partnerships – with two teams at Ramat Gan’s Bar Ilan University working with the University of Bristol and University College London, and a University of Kent link-up with the University of Haifa.


Watch it! App helps prayer

By Josh Jackman, March 19, 2015

It has not even gone on sale yet, but the new Apple Watch has already attracted the attention of a software producer rushing to make the first Jewish app for the device.

New York-based technology firm RustyBrick is preparing to launch an app which will alert wearers of the watch to prayer times and the where-abouts of kosher restaurants.


Simples, says the man revolutionising Twitter

By Josh Jackman, March 19, 2015

An Israeli-developed live-streaming app could revolutionise the way Twitter is used, according to its creator.

Meerkat has accrued almost £3 million of venture capital investment since it was launched by Israeli firm Life on Air at the end of February.

In its first 11 days the app attracted 80,000 users and has now topped the 100,000 mark.


Software unites musicians with fans

March 19, 2015

Israeli company Fansino won the app of the year award at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a fortnight ago, beating 800 others.

Its app connects musicians to their fans by allowing artists to see the demographics of who listens to their music and through which medium, as well as telling fans about upcoming concerts.

Co-founder Haran Yaffa said: "The idea is to help music artists overcom


PayPal buys Israel cyber security firm for £40 million

By Josh Jackman, March 10, 2015

Multibillion-pound online payment service PayPal has announced that it will open a major cyber security hub in Tel Aviv, after acquiring Israeli firm CyActive for a figure believed to be around £40 million.


Hands-free phone set to change lives

By Josh Jackman, March 5, 2015

A 65-year-old quadriplegic has helped invent the first ever touch-free smartphone, made for people with his type of disability.

Giora Livne, a former naval officer in the IDF, was paralysed after a spinal-cord injury nine years ago.


Israeli financial technology companies pitch for British business

By Sandy Rashty, February 26, 2015

Israeli companies specialising in financial technology are set to pitch their products to British business leaders next week.

The 14 companies – specialising in mobile banking, anti-fraud software and risk-management solutions - were selected from 45 companies who applied for the British Embassy in Israel’s UK Israel Tech Exchange programme this year.