Boots gearing up for a big move into Israel

By Simon Griver, May 23, 2008

Boots the chemist is sending a major purchasing delegation to Tel Aviv next month to buy innovative products from Israel’s healthcare manufacturers.

The company is also understood to be negotiating with New Pharm, Israel’s second-largest pharmacy chain, to rebrand the shops as Boots Israel.

New Pharm currently has 56 stores throughout Israel and 30 concessions in Hamashbir Lazarchan department stores.


BT calls Israeli firms to its tower

May 23, 2008

The iconic British Telecom Tower in London is to host an Israeli Innovation show next month.

Twenty-one Israeli high-tech start-ups are sending representatives to Britain, the result of a combined project between BT, the commercial department of the Israeli embassy in London and its Jerusalem counterpart, the Foreign Trade Administration of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.


Israel’s ninth satellite lifts off

By Eric Silver, April 25, 2008

Israel yesterday was scheduled to launch Amos 3 — a telecommunications satellite designed and built by Israel Aerospace Industries — from a site in Kazakhstan.

It reinforces Israel’s status as a satellite superpower, which can also monitor Iran and its Arab neighbours without relying on other countries’ goodwill.


From long-life tomatoes to camera pills

By Rachel Fletcher, April 18, 2008

60 years of invention

Israel is a land flowing with more than just milk and honey. If you have ever purchased long-lasting tomatoes, used a device to pluck the hairs from your legs, or sent an instant message, thank Israeli technology.