Mayor's hi-tech hopes

By Robyn Rosen, July 28, 2011

The Lord Mayor of London has said that the capital is a "natural home for Israeli companies" after returning from leading a business delegation to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Michael Bear, a member of New North London Synagogue, visited Israel earlier this month to promote UK-based financial and professional services and to explore opportunities in the OPT.

He met Israel


Sudoku given Jewish makeover for iPad

By Jennifer Lipman, July 27, 2011

Are you Jewish and looking for a new way to procrastinate? An iPad application developer may have just the product for you.

For just £1.49, you can now download the "Judoku" app, described as "Sudoku for Jews".

Rather than the numbers of the original addictive Japanese puzzle, Judoku involves a grid of Jewish symbols and Hebrew numbers.


God's Bible? Computer says 'no'

By Nathan Jeffay, July 21, 2011

For almost 300 years, scholars have been poring over the Bible, trying to work out how many authors wrote it and who wrote which part. Now, Israeli computer whizzes have developed a computer programme that carries out virtually all their research in seconds.


Israeli creates iPhone app to send SOS signals

By Jennifer Lipman, June 30, 2011

An Israeli developer has created an iPhone application to save the day after a road crash – wherever you are in the world.

The Mayday Light software uses GPS technology to identify when phone users have had car or motorcycle accidents. It monitors speed and if a vehicle suddenly stops it sends out a distress signal.


Apple cuts Third Initifada app after criticism

By Jennifer Lipman, June 23, 2011

Apple has removed an application glorifying Palestinian violence against Israel from its online store.

The decision was made after an Israeli minister wrote to Steve Jobs urging him to drop the "Third Intifada" app, which was available for iPads and iPhones


Apple's Steve Jobs urged to remove Third Intifada application

By Jennifer Lipman, June 22, 2011

Apple has so far failed to remove an application promoting attacks on Israel despite an appeal by an Israeli government minister to Steve Jobs.

The "ThirdIntifada" application is available for download in the Apple Store.

The free software encourages users to organise violent uprisings against Israel, such as the recent attempts by protesters in Syria and Lebanon to breach the border.


'Gay' Damascus blogger used site to attack Israel

By Robyn Rosen, June 16, 2011

Community leaders have condemned the "devious and Machiavellian" 40-year-old married man from Edinburgh who used a blog, with the fake identity of a young Syrian lesbian, to attack Israel.

Tom MacMaster, a master's student at Edinburgh University and member of Students for Justice in Palestine, admitted this week he was the man behind the Gay Girl in Damascus blog, which followed the alleged li


Rabbi wants to make BlackBerry and Apple crumble

By Jennifer Lipman, May 27, 2011

A Hasidic rebbe has called on his followers to burn their iPhones, BlackBerrys and any other "unkosher" devices they might have.

Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky, whose community is based in Jerusalem, said smart phones and computers with internet access were treife (unkosher) because they caused trouble in people's personal lives.


Inventors go Gaga for Google app competition

By Jennifer Lipman, May 25, 2011

Israeli students have stepped up to the challenge of developing unique mobile phone applications.

The winner of the Google-sponsored "Israeli Mobile Challenge 2011," was a group from Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev, for a system aimed at enhancing the communal musical experience.


Advice from Israeli security experts

By Robyn Rosen, May 19, 2011

From iPhone apps warning homeowners they have an intruder, to key-free locks, Israeli companies have shown they are at the forefront of security technology at the UK's largest security event.

Twelve Israeli companies joined 600 others at the annual IFSEC exhibition in Birmingham this week, to show off groundbreaking technology.