The robots take over

By Jennifer Lipman, October 21, 2010

Israeli and British scientists show off their futuristic work at a British Technion event in London

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Rabbi appears via video-link

By Jay Grenby, October 14, 2010

A little matter like the 5,000 miles temporarily separating Rabbi Pete Tobias from his religion school pupils at The Liberal Synagogue Elstree wasn't going to stop him taking the weekly service. Despite his absence from Hertfordshire on a visit to his son in Los Angeles, it was thanks to the power of the internet, and a devotion to duty which saw him rise at 4.15 am, California time, that the minister was able to lead the 15-minute service which concludes the Sunday morning sessions.


How Israel prepared for a cyber war

By Anshel Pfeffer, October 7, 2010

Israeli officials are maintaining their silence over reports that the country's intelligence agencies are behind the Stuxnet computer virus that has wreaked havoc on the Iranian nuclear programme.

Analysts are convinced that the complex "worm" virus was a targeted attack that could have only been carried out by a clandestine agency of a country opposed to the Iranian efforts to acquire a bomb. Countries developing such capabilities include the United States, Britain and Israel.


Networking site rolls out

October 7, 2010

A new business networking initiative is being launched by Manchester's Jewish Representative Council in an effort to bolster business opportunities for Jewish entrepreneurs.

JnetManchester will offer monthly meetings attended by leading business professionals from across the Jewish community and Greater Manchester.


IPhone home to Israel

By Simon Rocker, October 7, 2010

Ditch the guide books. Israel's tourism ministry has launched a new gadget for the tech-savvy traveller. Visitors can download the free iPhone app which will identify your location and show you local events happening on that day.

The app has the bonus of making you fit right in when you're in Israel – you'll spend most of your day with eyes glued to the screen of your iPhone.


Glasgow school's flagship IT

By Stephanie Brickman, September 17, 2010

Glasgow's Calderwood Lodge Primary has unveiled an innovative computing project geared to making it a flagship IT school in Scotland.

"There's technology that allows you to have a shared classroom experience," explained parent council chair Tony Tankel. "If there is a superb Jewish history teacher somewhere in the world, he could teach children at Calderwood. This could be done using Skype or some more advanced technology.


Parshapp of the week

By Simon Rocker, September 7, 2010

Liberal Judaism's youth movement, Kadimah, had no Sefer Torah for their Shabbat service on their recent summer camp.

But no problem for visiting Rabbi Pete Tobias, who simply whipped out his mobile. "I have a Torah app," he explained, "so in what may be a first in Jewish history, I gave a Torah reading from my iPhone."


Hackers who lost their way

By Simon Rocker, September 2, 2010

Belvoir Castle, the Duke of Rutland's pad in Leicestershire, is the setting for an annual teddy bears' picnic in its stately grounds.

But visitors to its website the other day would have been bemused to find images of the castle replaced by the Algerian flag and a message in Arabic denouncing Israel.

The geographically challenged Algerians who perpetrated the hack had confused this slice of aristocratic England with Belvoir Fortress, a former Crusader garrison 2,000 miles away in Israel.


Kosher guide goes mobile

By Simon Rocker, August 26, 2010

It can be hard to keep up with the ins and outs of kashrut. Bounty bars recently returned to the approved list after many years off it - but how would you know?

Help is at hand with a new mobile phone app from Arta Creative Solutions, which can give the run-down on 8,000 products from the London Beth Din's kashrut guide.

A handy device when your child is pestering you to buy something in the sweetshop.


O2 sorry for sending parcel to 'Jew Face'

By Marcus Dysch, August 12, 2010

Mobile phone company O2 has apologised after a woman received a parcel addressed to "Ms Jew Face".

Joan Jennings, who is not Jewish, was shocked when the package containing a free Sim card and letter arrived with the offensive comment.

The letter, received on Monday, was addressed: "Hi Jew".

The following day Mrs Jennings contacted BBC Three Counties radio and the incident was discussed on air.