Lipa Schmeltzer's Chasidic dancing robots

By Jennifer Lipman, June 12, 2012

Chasidic musician Lipa Schmeltzer gives Lady Gaga a run for her money with this futuristic music video for his song "Hang up the Phone", following on from last month's anti-internet rally in New York.


The App That Proves it's the Thought That Counts

By Candice Krieger, June 8, 2012

Ever wondered what the person sitting opposite you on the train is thinking? Now you can find out thanks to a quirky new iPhone app that brings yet another dimension to social networking.


Flame virus leaves Iran with no place to hide online

By Anshel Pfeffer, May 31, 2012

Until now, Israel has been extremely coy about its offensive cyber-capabilities.


Richard Branson's Virgin taps into Israel to bring purer water to British homes

By Jessica Elgot, May 31, 2012

Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin empire is testing the water with a new kind of hi-tech kettle — using technology imported from Israel.

But the Virgin boss warned that UK companies could become more wary of investing in the country if its government did not show a willingness to address their political concerns.


Virgin's Richard Branson announces Israel water plan

By Jessica Elgot, May 30, 2012

Water is the latest target for Sir Richard Branson's Virgin empire - using technology imported from Israel.

The millionaire entrepreneur visited scientists and technology start-ups in Israel a few months ago, but it was a cup of cold water, offered to him by Strauss Group chair Ofra Strauss that caught his imagination.


Meet Jeremy Levin, the new head of drugs firm Teva

By Simon Griver, May 17, 2012

Jeremy Levin has a big task on his hands. The former Londoner has moved to Israel to become boss of the country’s largest company.


Claire Lomas finishes marathon thanks to Israeli invention

By Jennifer Lipman, May 9, 2012

A paralysed woman has crossed the finish line of the London marathon after walking for 16 days with the help of an Israeli invention.

Claire Lomas, a former semi-professional British horse-rider, was told she would never walk again after an accident in May 2007.

But five years on she has proved her doubters wrong and raised more than £83,000 for spinal research.


Anne Frank's Amsterdam brought to life with mobile App

By Jennifer Lipman, May 3, 2012

Visitors to Amsterdam can now follow in the footsteps of the city's famous teenage diarist Anne Frank with the help of a mobile phone application.


Medieval Haggadah gets an Apple makeover

By Sandy Rashty, May 2, 2012

A famed 14th-century Haggadah is now available to browse on the iPad.

The medieval "Rylands Haggadah", originally created in Spain, was restored by experts at the University of Manchester's John Rylands Library.

The app features a narration by Rabbi Shlomo Ellituv, the minister of the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation in Manchester.


Facebook launches organ donation profile setting

By Jennifer Lipman, May 1, 2012

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled a plan that he hopes will make it easier for users of the social networking site to donate organs.

From today, Facebook members in the UK and USA can select an option on their profile stating whether or not they are registered organ donors.