Anne Frank's Amsterdam brought to life with mobile App

By Jennifer Lipman, May 3, 2012

Visitors to Amsterdam can now follow in the footsteps of the city's famous teenage diarist Anne Frank with the help of a mobile phone application.


Medieval Haggadah gets an Apple makeover

By Sandy Rashty, May 2, 2012

A famed 14th-century Haggadah is now available to browse on the iPad.

The medieval "Rylands Haggadah", originally created in Spain, was restored by experts at the University of Manchester's John Rylands Library.

The app features a narration by Rabbi Shlomo Ellituv, the minister of the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation in Manchester.


Facebook launches organ donation profile setting

By Jennifer Lipman, May 1, 2012

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled a plan that he hopes will make it easier for users of the social networking site to donate organs.

From today, Facebook members in the UK and USA can select an option on their profile stating whether or not they are registered organ donors.


French anti-racism group takes on Google for Murdoch 'the Jew'

By Jennifer Lipman, May 1, 2012

A French anti-racism group is taking on internet giant Google over its "auto-complete" function.

When internet users type in certain famous names, including media mogul Rupert Murdoch or Jon Hamm or Mad Men fame, the search engine recommends that the next keyword be "Jewish".


After Stuxnet virus, Iran has been in the grip of network-paranoia

By Anshel Pfeffer, April 26, 2012

Iran's leadership has repeatedly said over the past couple of years that the destructive Stuxnet computer worm was easily vanquished and caused little damage to the centrifuges carrying out uranium enrichment.


Want to get married? You just have to click

By Nathan Jeffay, April 11, 2012

A new service allows diaspora Jews who want to marry in Israel to organise their marriage licence online.

Thousands of Jews fly to Israel to get married every year, but they have long been daunted by the bureaucracy of applying for a marriage licence from Israel's rabbinate.


Israel Museum's collection goes online with Google's help

By Jennifer Lipman, April 3, 2012

Culture and history enthusiasts can browse the vast collection of art and artefacts at the Israel Museum – without leaving the comfort of their sofa.

The Google Art Project brings together the collections of museums and galleries around the world for internet users to explore virtually.


Blind mum banking on talking cash

By Jay Grenby, March 29, 2012

A blind mother-of-two from Mill Hill is fronting a drive to get banks to provide talking cash machines.

Suzie Simons, 33, who lost her sight seven years ago, wants the banks to install headphone sockets allowing ATMs to be used by the visually-impaired to withdraw money, check their balances and top up their mobiles. She says the technology is deployed widely in America.


Cyber hacking is on the up - but these Israelis are on the case

By Candice Krieger and Natalie Ostroff , March 22, 2012

As the threat of cyber attacks grow, IT security booms. The sector has seen exponential growth over recent years and according to International Data Corporation (IDC), global spending on IT security could reach $38 billion by 2014.


UK Culture Minister urges hi-tech dialogue

By Martin Bright, March 15, 2012

Britain should pursue partnerships with Israel in hi-tech and creative industries in open defiance of the boycott movement according to Culture Minister Ed Vaizey.