Not quite equal as Fed shul elects woman chair

By Simon Rocker, May 27, 2013

Loughton Federation Synagogue has chosen a woman, Barbara Cohen, to chair its administrative board of management. But the position is not equivalent to a synagogue chairman.

Unlike the United Synagogue, which has recently allowed women to chair congregations, women in the Federation cannot serve as synagogue officers.


Do Jewish schools create empty shuls?

By Rabbi Pete Tobias, May 26, 2013

We are now in May, the arbitrary date that signals the start of attendance at Shabbat services which count towards the gaining of priority points for admission to local Jewish schools. It continues until the end of October, or until the requisite eight synagogue visits that are deemed to demonstrate commitment to Jewish practice have been made.


Youth minister appointment is a unifying force in Glasgow

By Adam Henderson, May 20, 2013

Glasgow’s two largest Orthodox congregations — Giffnock and Newlands and Newton Mearns — have joined forces to recruit the city’s first youth and community rabbi.


Facebook rabbi voted in as Sephardi leader

By Simon Rocker, May 17, 2013

Britain’s oldest Orthodox community has at last found a senior rabbi after a search that began more than three years ago.

Rabbi Joseph Dweck, 37, of New York, was endorsed as the new rabbinic leader of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation by a massive majority of 270 votes to four in a ballot of its members last week.


Elstree selects its man

By Simon Rocker, May 13, 2013

Borehamwood and Elstree Synagogue, which has been without a senior rabbi for nearly two years, could be close to plugging the gap at the top after leaders named the man they want.

Rabbi Chaim Kanterovitz, the minister of Manchester’s Yeshurun Synagogue and previously of Kenton Synagogue, will visit the Hertfordshire congregation next month ahead of a members’ ballot on his appointment.


Progress for women at Federation synagogues

By Simon Rocker, May 9, 2013

Women in the Federation of Synagogues have for the first time been elected to the management board of a congregation.

Yeshurun Synagogue in Edgware took the historic step on Tuesday, voting five women to its 12-person board.


Sephardim vote in new rabbinic head with massive majority

By Simon Rocker, May 9, 2013

Rabbi Joseph Dweck is to be the new senior rabbi of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation after winning a massive of vote of confidence from its membership.

They voted by 270 votes to four to endorse the executive’s choice of the 37-year-old rabbi, who has heads a Sephardi congregation in New York.


Federation shul is pushing to get women on board

By Simon Rocker, May 6, 2013

Edgware’s Yeshurun Synagogue is bidding to become the first Federation congregation to elect women to its board of management.

Yeshurun president Russell Grossman will propose the historic move at an extraordinary meeting next Wednesday.


Drifting Kingston goes for 'dynamic' Landau

By Jay Grenby, May 6, 2013

Kingston Synagogue will not be renewing the contract of minister Rabbi Michael Rosenfeld and is recommending Northwood Synagogue youth minister Rabbi Samuel Landau as his successor. Members will be asked to support the appointment at an EGM on Wednesday.


Swastikas in Sunderland shul as heritage row rumbles on

By Jonathan Kalmus, May 6, 2013

The building where Sunderland Jews once worshipped now stands blighted by drug dealers, arsonists and metal thieves. There are swastikas around its ark, daubed by illegal ravers who partied in the Grade II listed building.