Swiss banks ‘handed out £800m to Shoah victims and heirs’

By Josh Jackman, July 16, 2013

Holocaust survivors and victims’ heirs have reportedly been paid more than £800 million by a Swiss fund created after banks were accused of withholding money from Jews.

According to Tachles, a Swiss-Jewish magazine, 457,000 Jews have been compensated since a settlement was made in 1998 between the World Jewish Congress and Swiss banks.


Getting to know Geneva, Switzerland

By Liz Gill, December 13, 2012

For a place with fewer than 200,000 inhabitants Geneva punches above its weight. It produced Jean Jacques Rousseau, whose philosophy inspired the French Revolution; it was the launch pad for the Reformation which changed the course of European history; the Geneva Convention was signed here and the World Jewish Congress was founded here in 1936.