Strange but true

Elvis in Tel Aviv: an Israel tour with a rock 'n roll twist

By Michaela Walters, March 29, 2012

A Florida based holiday company has announced that they will be conducting an Elvis themed tour around Israel.

Brian Mayes, the co-founder of Israel Theme Tours, told Business Week that the tour, which is scheduled for May 2013, will not include Elvis impersonators as fans "don't like cheesy Elvis stuff", but rather will be a classic tour of Israel.


'Jew Pond' gets name change in New Hampshire town

By Jennifer Lipman, March 14, 2012

A small watery area used for fishing and skating in New Hampshire will no longer be known as "Jew Pond" after voters in the town of Mont Vernon opted to change its name.

The small rural town will now ask the US Geological Survey to rename it, after all but 33 of 157 voters backed the proposal.


Meet a promising Polish horse called Pogrom

By Jennifer Lipman, February 28, 2012

A woman whose mother fled to the United States to escape the pogroms has expressed her shock at finding a horse named Pogrom competing in an Arizona championship.

Pogrom, a Polish colt, had been lent to Scottsdale's Midwest Training Centre by the Polish government.


Mormons targeted in spoof 'convert to gay' site

By Jennifer Lipman, February 24, 2012

Gay rights activists have decided to fight fire with fire when it comes to the Mormon practice of posthumous baptism.

The spoof website, "All Dead Mormons Are Now Gay", has been launched in response to revelations that, despite numerous promises to the contrary, members of the Mormon Church have continued baptising Holocaust victims.


Israelis find that chocolate cake is good for you

By Jennifer Lipman, February 23, 2012

Israeli scientists have concluded something that many chocaholics already knew – eating chocolate cake is the best way to start the day.

Research by Professor Daniela Jakubowicz of the Wolfson Medical Centre in Holon revealed that breakfasting on a meal high in carbohydrates and protein – but crucially with something sweet as well – helped keep people full throughout the day.


Careful what you say in front of the pea plant

By Jennifer Lipman, February 22, 2012

An Israeli research team has discovered that plants may be listening in on the conversations around them.

Professor Ariel Novoplansky and his staff at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev found that garden pea plants were able to identify and respond to signals given by nearby plants.


Orthodox magazine in porn shock

By Nathalie Rothschild, February 16, 2012

An orthodox Jewish magazine has been pulled from newsstands across Brooklyn because it contained pornographic material.

A recent issue of the glossy magazine Haolam Hacharedi featured images of work by the artist Olek, who covers sculptures and even whole apartments in yarn.


Israelis: no attack on Iran until after Madonna gig

By Jennifer Lipman, February 10, 2012

Israeli fans of Madonna have appealed to Benjamin Netanyahu to postpone action against Iran until after her Tel Aviv concert.

Fans of the singer, who announced this week that she will open her global tour with a show in Israel, launched a campaign on Facebook.

They are asking the Israeli Prime Minister to say "no to war with Iran" until after the May 29 gig.


Baby-faced Abbas and Netanyahu 'could make peace'

By Jennifer Lipman, February 2, 2012

It may just be that the key to Middle East peace is the "aawww" element.

Researchers at Hebrew University in Jerusalem have discovered that baby-faced Palestinian negotiators - those with proportionally larger eyes and thick, pudgy lips - are perceived as being kinder, warmer, more honest and more trustworthy, and so are likely to have more success convincing Israelis of their positions.


Jailed Jesus fights for right to kosher food

By Jennifer Lipman, January 17, 2012

A Californian prisoner called Jesus is fighting for the right to be served kosher meals.

Margarito Jesus Garcia is serving a 15 year sentence for second degree murder.

Born a Catholic, he claims he has been practising Messianic Judaism for two years and that he should therefore be given kosher food. The prison's Jewish chaplain has dismissed his newfound faith as insincerely held.