Strange but true

No Zionist drug addicts: Latest crazy Iranian claim

By Jennifer Lipman, June 27, 2012

The Iranian vice-president has claimed that no Zionists are addicted to drugs and were behind the Russian Revolution.

In a speech that was condemned as "antisemitic and conspiracy-laden" by the Anti-Defamation League, Mohammad Reza Rahimi accused the Talmud of "inciting global drug trade and addiction in a bid to annihilate non-Jewish communities"


NYPD blues for Orthodox recruit with beard

By Jennifer Lipman, June 11, 2012

A Chasidic trainee policeman has complained that he was asked to leave the force because his beard was longer than regulation.

Fishel Litzman's hopes of becoming a full-fledged member of the New York Police Department were dashed when he was fired from the training academy just a month before qualification.


Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world...

By Jennifer Lipman, June 7, 2012

As conspiracy-theorists would have it, "the Jewish media" – the JC included – has eyes and ears everywhere. Apparently even in the Algarve, where, on holiday for a few days of sun, sea and sandcastles, I discovered a little reminder of home.

So there you have it: the JC, now in all good Albufeira bars too.


Muhammed Ali celebrates grandson's barmitzvah

By Jennifer Lipman, June 7, 2012

Former boxing champion Muhammed Ali has wished his grandson mazel tov on becoming a man.

Mr Ali's daughter Khaliah is married to a Jewish lawyer, and their son Jacob was barmitzvah earlier this year in Philadelphia.

Although the boxer brought his children up as Muslim, he is said to be supportive of his daughter's decision to marry someone Jewish and give Jacob a Jewish life.


Kosher chocolate chip change causes controversy

By Jennifer Lipman, May 24, 2012

Jewish cooks across the US have been left distraught after a popular brand of chocolate chips was stripped of its "parev" label.

The Trader Joe's semisweet chocolate chips have long been a staple of the kosher kitchen, with people using them to whip up all manner of milk-free desserts.


Sweet shopping for the rabbi

By Simon Rocker, May 24, 2012

Rabbi David Hulbert's daughter Lianna recently moved to Brixton in south London. When the minister of Bet Tikvah Progressive Synagogue in Ilford went to visit, he popped into the sweet shop next door, to re-appear with this snack tailor-made for him: a packet of Rabbi Coconut Candy balls.


Orthodox lingerie company owner sued for sacking 'hot' employee

By Jennifer Lipman, May 24, 2012

A woman has taken legal action against a lingerie company claiming that her Orthodox Jewish employers dismissed her for being "too hot" and too well-endowed.


Did Mossad send a big-nosed bird to spy on Turkey?

By Jennifer Lipman, May 15, 2012

Could a Jewish Mossad agent have been masquerading as a bird to gather intel about Turkey?


The Jewish war veteran and the pirate DVD collection

By Jennifer Lipman, April 30, 2012

A 92-year-old Jewish man has emerged as one of the biggest pirate DVD makers in the United States.

But Hyman "Big Hy" Strachman, profiled this week by the New York Times, engages in the illegal activity to brighten the lives of US servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Non-Jewish man can sue for antisemitism

By Jennifer Lipman, April 24, 2012

A truck-driver has been told he can sue his former employer for antisemitism – despite the fact that he is Christian.

Myron Cowher was told that the case he wanted to bring against a construction company and three of its senior staff was lawful, although the New Jersey judge did not rule on whether the allegations themselves had any merit.