Stanmore Accords

Leaders' fresh pledge on harmony

By Simon Rocker, February 19, 2009

Leaders of the United Synagogue, Reform, Liberal and Masorti movements have made a fresh pledge of commitment to the Stanmore Accords, the 1998 agreement to avoid infighting and promote co-operation.

The Stanmore Accords recognised that British Jewry was “damaged by infighting and mutual recrimination”.

Yet the future of the agreement had been in doubt amid growing dissatisfaction among the non-Orthodox bodies with the progress achieved.


This is the text of the 1998 Stanmore Accords in full

September 12, 2008

A statement to the Jewish Community

As lay leaders of different sections of the Jewish Community and for ourselves we, like many members of Anglo-Jewry, have been perturbed and distressed by the divisions and dissension which have become the more apparent since the death of Rabbi Hugo Gryn, of blessed memory.

It is inevitable that with different principles and practices there exist profound differences of brief calculated to stir deep emotions and impatience.


Non-Orthodox launch new platform for unity

By Simon Rocker, September 12, 2008

A decade of frustration over lack of pluralism sparks call for action


Leaders of the UK's three non-Orthodox religious movements this week challenged the Chief Rabbi to recognise growing religious diversity, amid frustration over the failure of previous attempts at co-operation.

The Reform, Liberal and Masorti movements - which collectively represent around a third of Britain's synagogue members - are calling for a new model of religious leadership which is committed to pluralism.