Justin Bieber's Hebrew tattoo from Israel

By Jennifer Lipman, May 27, 2011

Justin Bieber may have left Israel with more than some sand in his suitcase.

The teenage pop star, who delighted fans with a concert in Tel Aviv last month, was recently spotted sporting a new tattoo.

The tattoo, on his left ribcage, is of the Hebrew word Yeshua, translated into English as Jesus.


Concert pianist Marguerite Wolff mourned

By Jennifer Lipman, May 27, 2011

Concert pianist Marguerite Wolff has died at the age of 92

Ms Wolff had performed around the world during her lengthy career. Born in London, she made her debut at Wigmore Hall at the age of ten and began a lifelong collaboration with Hungarian pianist Louis Kentner in her late teens. In 1938 the JC described the young musician as "an accomplished pianist".


Zach Braff and James Franco team up on Disney film

By Jennifer Lipman, May 27, 2011

Former Scrubs star Zach Braff has joined the cast of Disney's remake of The Wizard of Oz.

Mr Braff will play the put-upon sidekick to James Franco's Wizard. Other cast members include the Jewish actresses Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz.


On this day: Sydney Pollack dies

By Jennifer Lipman, May 26, 2011

Born in Indiana in 1934, Sydney Pollack's career saw him embrace life as an actor, director, producer and a Torah student, not to mention a stint in the US army in the 1950s.

When he died at the age of 73, he was still critically lauded – the last film he produced was The Reader, for which he won a posthumous Best Picture Oscar,


Inventors go Gaga for Google app competition

By Jennifer Lipman, May 25, 2011

Israeli students have stepped up to the challenge of developing unique mobile phone applications.

The winner of the Google-sponsored "Israeli Mobile Challenge 2011," was a group from Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev, for a system aimed at enhancing the communal musical experience.


Robert 'Bob Dylan' Zimmerman at 70

By Jennifer Lipman, May 24, 2011

Bob Dylan celebrates his birthday today.

The legendary musician, whose songs - from Blowin' in the Wind and The Times They Are a-Changin' - were anthems of the 1960s counter-culture, has just turned 70.


Footnote: Cannes winner for Best Screenplay

By Jennifer Lipman, May 23, 2011
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A trailer for Joseph Cedar's award-winning film about two comepting Talmudic scholars, Footnote.


Israeli director's bible comedy triumphs at Cannes

By Jennifer Lipman, May 23, 2011

An Israeli director is celebrating after his comedy about two academics at the Hebrew University won an award at the Cannes Film festival.

Joseph Cedar was named this year's recipient of the best screenplay award on Sunday, although he had already left France by the time the prize was awarded.


From Frankie to Borat

May 19, 2011

Click through for the best British Jewish stars of the last seven decades, as chosen by Michael Freedland.

If you think there's someone who has been missed off the list, email to let us know and we'll put together a gallery of the top suggestions.



Lars Von Trier on Hitler and being 'a Nazi'

By Jennifer Lipman, May 19, 2011
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Watch the Danish director explain his symapthy for Adolf Hitler.