Determination will beat threat to rituals

By Shimon Cohen, December 27, 2012

In 2012 both shechita and milah came under attack across Europe.

We faced a serious attack on shechita in Poland and worked very hard with the exceptional Chief Rabbi Schudrich, to protect it. Here, Shechita UK has been vigilant as the Government prepares to replace existing legislation with EU Regulation 1099 on the Protection of Animals at the Time of Killing.


Polish shift on shechita

By Nissan Tzur, December 20, 2012

In the wake of a ruling last month that ritual slaughter was unconstitutional, the Polish Ministry of Agriculture has proposed an amendment to the law on animal welfare in order to protect the practice.

Parliament is scheduled to vote on the proposed change next month.


Polish court sets stage for shechitah ban

By Anna Sheinman, November 28, 2012

A Polish constitutional court has opened the door to a ban on religious slaughter methods in the country in a decision on Tuesday.

The ruling in a Warsaw court states that the current exemption for Jews and Muslims from stunning animals before they are killed, as kashrut laws require, is unconstitutional.


Dutch anti-Islam party criticised for supporting shechita ban

September 13, 2012

The Dutch anti-Islamist Freedom Party, which receives financial backing from American Jewish groups, has been criticised for supporting a shechitah ban.


Case for circumcision can be argued without invective

By Josh Glancy, August 2, 2012

The consequences of the recent court ruling in Cologne criminalising religious circumcision continue to reverberate around Europe. Last week, hospitals in Switzerland and Austria suspended the procedure. The debate over the merits and morals of the practice rumbles on.


Resist this dogma

June 14, 2012

Just as no one objects to the labelling of meat slaughtered by shechitah - it is the singling out of kosher (and halal) meat which is so iniquitous - so no one can object to a genuinely independent inquiry into kosher methods of slaughter. We have nothing to fear from an objective investigation.


Farming minister: Shechitah to be reviewed

By Jessica Elgot, June 14, 2012

The Food and Farming Minister, who described kosher slaughter as "wholly unacceptable", has promised the forthcoming public consultation on animal welfare will include a review of the rules concerning shechitah.


Dutch government cuts fresh deal on shechitah

By Jackson Wolfe, June 7, 2012

Shechita UK was this week looking carefully at the details of a new agreement between the Dutch government and the Jewish and Muslim communities of the Netherlands, which offers protection of religious freedom for kosher and halal slaughter while improving animal welfare.


Little Jerusalem still flowers in Pitigliano

By Dany Mitzman, May 3, 2012

The best way to arrive in Pitigliano is by night. As you round the last bend to the top of the hill which faces Pitigliano across the valley, the town suddenly looms up out of the tufa rock on which it's built: an enchanted fairyland, a Little Jerusalem.


French politicians round on kosher slaughter

By Michel Zlotowski, March 8, 2012

Nicolas Sarkozy appeared to be trying to out-play far-right leader Marine Le Pen at her own game last Sunday when he told a Bordeaux crowd: "Let us recognise the right for everyone to know what they are eating…

"Meat should be labelled according to the way the animal is slaughtered," he added.