Shechitah is safe, Theresa May pledges

By Simon Rocker, November 28, 2013

Home Secretary Theresa May gave assurances that Jews would continue to enjoy freedom of religion in the UK and practices such as shechitah would remain safe under the present government.

In a well-received speech at the Board of Deputies dinner at the Mansion House last night, she pledged her determination to combat antisemitism, incitement to hate and the influence of extremist preachers.


Lobbying legislation brings communal fears for security and shechita

By Marcus Dysch, August 29, 2013

Senior community figures fear that Jewish organisations could cease to function if government plans to curb political lobbying become law.

An internal Jewish Leadership Council briefing paper, seen by the JC, warns its members of the implications of legislation aimed at regulating charities’ political campaigning before general elections.


Abattoirs to sue over Polish shechita law

By Nissan Tzur, August 1, 2013

Over 80 slaughterhouses, meat plants and animal breeders are to sue the Polish government for loss of business, two weeks after parliament voted not to protect shechita in law.


Polish form emergency committee on shechita

By Josh Jackman, July 25, 2013

The Polish committee fighting the country’s prohibition on shechita had their first meeting on Monday as the government agreed “to look at all possible solutions”.


Meet and greet

By Simon Rocker, July 22, 2013

The London Board for Shechita has paid tribute to the man who put it on a sound financial footing.

David Rose, who is making aliyah after seven years as director, said that when he arrived, the meat authority owed £80,000 to the banks and £60,000 to other creditors.


Polish PM sets up committee to fight shechita ban

By Josh Jackman, July 18, 2013

The Polish Prime Minister has established a special committee as part of his ongoing efforts to overturn a national ban on shechita.

The Polish Ambassador to the European Union, Marek Prawda, stated this morning that Prime Minister Donald Tusk had consented to the formation of the group after Poland’s parliament last week defeated his attempt to legally protect religious slaughter.


Fears of meat shortages in UK after Poland fails to protect shechita

By Marcus Dysch and Nissan Tzur, July 18, 2013

A ban on shechita in Poland could have far-reaching consequences for consumers in Britain, kosher meat producers have warned.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s attempts to introduce a law to protect religious slaughter were rejected in the country’s parliament last Friday.


Shechita faces ban in Poland

By Orlando Radice, July 12, 2013

The Polish parliament has defeated an attempt to protect religious slaughter in law.

In November last year, the constitutional court ruled that a derogation which allows Jews and Muslims to kill animals without pre-stunning was unconstitutional and incompatible with animal welfare laws.


UK shechita supporters at odds with French rabbis over foie gras

By Josh Jackman , June 18, 2013

Shechita UK has strenuously denied claims from the head of the Paris Rabbinical Court that Israel’s proposed ban on foie gras could lead to European countries outlawing shechita in retaliation.


Israeli foie gras ban could spark anti-shechita backlash, warns rabbi

By Josh Jackman, June 17, 2013

The head of the Paris Rabbinical Court has called on Israel to reject a proposed bill to ban the importation and trading of foie gras, claiming that such a move could lead to European countries outlawing shechita in retaliation.