Shabbat service in Dundee

By Tara Dein, July 22, 2010

The small Dundee community held a Shabbat service for visitors to the British Open golf in St Andrews.

Dundee's Torah scrolls were transported to the Neil Anderson Conference Room at St Andrews where some two dozen people attended the event, organised and led by Harry Riffkin. Sharon Levy and Lisa Romalis were also involved in the service.


How to keep Shabbat if you are not Orthodox

By Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah, February 11, 2010

If you walk into a Liberal synagogue, you will find an array of leaflets written by the movement’s rabbinate on all kinds of subjects: ageing, animal welfare, biblical criticism, ethical eating, the environment, genetic research, Jewish marriage, lesbian and gay Jews and same-sex relationships, miracles, and much more. But, to date, although Shabbat is a central feature of Liberal Jewish life, apart from the siddur, there is no Liberal Judaism publication on Shabbat.


Rest and renewal - a liberal guide to shabbat celebration

February 11, 2010

Celebrating Shabbat is about embracing the gifts of the seventh day. Here is a framework for doing just that:

We inhabit a 24/7 society — an endless round that never ceases for a moment. So, whether it is on Friday evening or Saturday afternoon, celebrate the beginning of your Shabbat by stopping whatever you are busy doing.

Work is essential, creativity is a special gift, but without rest, we are all slaves – so experience the liberation of getting off the treadmill and “switching off” in every sense.

Setting apart


Shabbat wars erupt over Intel Jerusalem factory

By Anshel Pfeffer, November 19, 2009

Attempts at mediation have failed so far to prevent another round of Shabbat protests in Jerusalem, this time over a high-tech factory working seven days a week.

The Intel plant in Jerusalem’s Har Hotzvim business park has carried out limited work on Shabbat for over three decades. The start of a new manufacturing process, which will greatly increase the work taking place on Shabbat, had sparked calls for renewed protests. It has been two months since the previous Shabbat protests against an open municipal car park petered out.


Let’s think big. Shabbat can save the planet

April 16, 2009

There is a strong scientific consensus that humanly-caused climate change is real. It is already contributing to flooding in Bangladesh and drought in Mali. Alaskan villagers have become the world’s first climate-change refugees: tragically, they will not be the last. The human and planetary costs of our extravagant behaviour are becoming clearer to us and the prospect is alarming.

Environmental challenges are today at the top of the public policy agenda in most Western countries. But why is environmentalism still a marginal concern in Jewish thought and practice?


The cost of Friday dinner

By Leon Symons, August 15, 2008

The cost of making a Friday-night dinner is continuing to soar as the credit crunch bites.

Increased food, utility and fuel prices have led to sharply rising costs of essential dinner ingredients.

Food prices alone helped to lift inflation to a 16-year high last month, the steepest monthly climb for a decade, according to economists. And nowhere is this felt more than the Shabbat table.

Many kosher bakers have noticed customers scaling back what they buy, even when it comes to staple items such as challah.