Injury time ruling saves Shabbat soccer

By Anshel Pfeffer, September 17, 2015

Israeli football was almost shut down last weekend following a battle over the legality of playing on Shabbat.

At the last moment, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein supplied the Israeli FA with a legal opinion that there was no need to enforce the labour law in the arena of professional football because matches had been always held on Shabbat and therefore the status quo could remain.


WATCH: ShabbatUK 2015

August 12, 2015

This year the Jewish Chronicle is media partners with ShabbatUK, taking place on 23-24 October. Watch the video above to find out more


Israel lacrosse team forced to forfeit match after refusing to play on Shabbat

By Josh Jackman, July 28, 2015

An Israeli lacrosse team playing in the sport’s World Championship in Scotland has been forced to forfeit a match for not playing on Shabbat.

The under-19s side, made up of 15 and 16-year-old amateurs participating in their first tournament, arranged with opponents Finland to play their match on Wednesday instead of Saturday.


Shabbat meals for central London students

By Naomi Firsht, June 4, 2015

Students in London will have a new option when it comes to Friday night dinners, thanks to the University Jewish Chaplaincy service.

From October, the group will host Shabbat meals at synagogues in the capital in co-ordination with the Union of Jewish Students.


Too much technology can switch off Shabbat

By Rabbi Ariel Abel, June 4, 2015

In recent months social media was buzzing with news of a revolutionary invention for Jewish homes: the KosherSwitch. A new frontier has been pushed back in halachic history - no longer may it be forbidden to turn on the electric lights on Shabbat and festivals. For observant Jews, reining in the everyday impulse to flick on a switch is a central pillar of how Shabbat is different from a weekday.


Woman wins £16,000 damages after firm wouldn't hire her because she wanted to observe Shabbat

By JC Reporter, June 1, 2015

A Jewish woman has been awarded more than £16,000 in damages by an employment tribunal after being rejected for a job because she would not work on Shabbat.

Aurelie Fhima said her application to work at a Manchester-based car rental firm was turned down after she revealed she was Shabbat observant and could not work on Saturdays.


Sharing VE Day stories in London and Leeds

By Jay Grenby, May 18, 2015

Harrow's Mosaic Reform community marked the 70th anniversary of VE Day with a themed Shabbat morning service led by Rabbi Kathleen de Magtige-Middleton.


Students' capital home-from-home

By Naomi Firsht, May 7, 2015

Jewish students often look to Hillels or Jewish halls of residence to provide a home-from-home experience while at university. Yet in London, hub of the UK community, there are none serving the estimated 2,000 Jewish students.


Why doctors can heal on Shabbat

By Dr Nina Collins, February 19, 2015

None of us would think twice about a Jewish doctor rushing off to hospital to perform an emergency operation on a Saturday morning rather than going to shul. We take it for granted that pikuach nefesh, saving life, takes precedence over the prohibitions against work on Shabbat.


Arsenal star's Shabbat

By Josh Jackman, November 20, 2014

German World-Cup winning footballer Per Mertesacker has revealed that a visit to Auschwitz as a teenager was one of the most memorable moments of his life. "Me and my schoolmates hugged each other for the first time in our lives.