Why I want Scottish independence

By Frank Angell, May 3, 2014

In his column on March 14, Geoffrey Alderman said that, as a Jew, he knew how he would cast his vote if he had one in Scotland’s independence referendum — with the clear implication that he would be a No.


Scot charity chief departs to save services

By Daniel Easterman, April 28, 2014

Jewish Care Scotland chairman George Hecht has pledged there will be no cuts to frontline services after the charity announced the "mutually agreed" departure of chief executive Suzanne Neville in order to balance the books.
"Our community is suffering at the moment," Mr Hecht said.


Students hope interfaith event will ease St Andrews tensions

By Charlotte Oliver, April 10, 2014

Jewish students at a Scottish university who have been the target of anti-Israel protests hope a “groundbreaking” interfaith event will help to improve relations on campus.

More than 80 Jewish, Muslim and Christian students came together at St Andrews for a day of historical, political and religious discussion — themed under the title “Co-existence in the Middle East”.


If I were Scottish, I wouldn't vote for independence

By Geoffrey Alderman, March 14, 2014

On September 18, the people of Scotland will vote in a referendum that will decide the country’s future — to remain part of the United Kingdom or to become wholly self-governing.


If Israel can survive, so can an independent Scotland

By Simon Round, March 7, 2014

I’ve been watching developments in the Scots independence debate. I know we Sassenachs don’t have a vote but there are still pros and cons to the process which deserve to be debated seriously.


Scottish life is a picture of interest to Passow

By Barry Toberman, February 17, 2014

London-domiciled Glaswegian Michael Mail wanted to do something to “recognise and celebrate the Scottish Jewish story”. Then he came across the work of award-winning photographer Judah Passow and knew he had found the answer.


Independent Scotland must work with Bank of England

By Alex Brummer, February 14, 2014

Before Mark Carney went to Edinburgh last month to meet with leaders to discuss use of the pound sterling in an independent Scotland; debate surrounding the referendum this year was strangely subdued.

The Bank of England governor’s visit marked a pivotal point.


Scottish councillor accused over 'Nazi salute'

By Jonathan Kalmus, February 13, 2014

A local councillor who allegedly made a Nazi salute and shouted “sieg heil” at a heated council meeting is to face a disciplinary hearing.

Robert Spears, who sits as part of an independent group on Falkirk council in Scotland, is said to have made the Nazi gesture last May during a debate on the way the council makes decisions.


Shul prayers for Glasgow helicopter crash victims

By Adam Henderson, December 5, 2013

Jews in Glasgow held a memorial service on Sunday in remembrance of the victims of the Clutha bar helicopter crash.

Nine people died and dozens were injured when a police helicopter crashed into the crowded city-centre pub on Friday night.

The service, organised by Scotland’s senior rabbi, Moshe Rubin, at Giffnock Synagogue, was attended by 40 people.


Scottish teacher accused over Hitler comments

By Charlotte Oliver, October 25, 2013

A teacher at a private school in Scotland who allegedly made antisemitic comments during one of his classes will have a disciplinary hearing next week, according to the Herald Scotland.

Religious education teacher David McNally reportedly told students at Kilwinning Academy in Ayrshire: "Hitler was not all bad - he killed the Jews.”