Scottish Jewish leader says it’s business as usual after no vote on independence

By Marcus Dysch, September 19, 2014

A leader of Scotland’s Jewish community has said the result of the independence referendum will not have a huge impact on life for Jews in the country.

Scotland voted 55 per cent to 45 per cent against becoming an independent country in yesterday’s vote.


Scottish Israel support group set up

By Marcus Dysch, September 18, 2014

An action group has been formed for grassroots activists in Scotland who want to support Israel.

Scottish Israel will work as an umbrella organisation to help sub-committees deal with media relations, lobbying, rallies and educational events.


Alex Salmond denies he compared Israel with Islamic State

By Daniel Easterman, September 16, 2014

Alex Salmond has rejected suggestions that he made a comparison between the Islamic State terrorist group and Israel’s policies during the Gaza conflict.


Alex Salmond compares Israel to Islamic State after David Haines beheading

By Marcus Dysch, September 15, 2014

Scottish politician Alex Salmond appeared to compare the Islamic State terror group’s beheading of a British aid worker to the actions of the Israeli government in controversial comments on Sunday.


Scots head for a yes vote despite fear over Israel

By Adam Henderson and Daniel Easterman, September 11, 2014

Scottish Jews are concerned that independence could lead to a rise in anti-Zionism but, for many, it will not stop them voting yes.

Scotland's 6,000-strong community has faced a summer of rising anti-Israel protest amid the Gaza conflict, with Glasgow and Edinburgh town halls flying the Palestinian flag and protesters boycotting stores stocking Israeli goods.


UK protests curbed as Salmond promises to get tough on hate

By Marcus Dysch, August 28, 2014

Police have quelled protests outside a shop selling Israeli products after enforcing special measures to restore calm.

The Kedem store in central Manchester had been besieged by anti-Israel activists' demonstrations for the past five weeks.


Glasgow Jews angry over council flying Palestinian flag

By JC Reporter, August 8, 2014

Jews in Glasgow have expressed anger at the city council’s decision to fly the Palestinian flag.

The council has raised the flag over the City Chambers today in what it calls a show of support “for the innocent people who are being hurt in Gaza”.


Lord Young: the powerhouse of innovation at 82

By Sandy Rashty, June 30, 2014

David Young, formally known as Lord Young of Graffham, was this week described as a traditional English gentleman with a passion for Israeli technology.


Mirvis goes down great with the Scots

By Adam Henderson, June 2, 2014

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis met a wide cross-section of Scottish Jewry on his first official visit to the country.

Rabbi Mirvis kicked-off the three-day programme with a lunch with Edinburgh students and delivered a speech to the Church of Scotland General Assembly before travelling to Glasgow.


Shalom Scotland - on the road with Israel's ambassador Daniel Taub

By Marcus Dysch, May 16, 2014

In the corner of a university classroom, Daniel Taub tucks into a shortbread biscuit, loosens his collar and removes his suit jacket.

Israel’s ambassador to Britain had just given an hour’s lecture to an international group of students in Edinburgh, and now he was taking a moment to relax before embarking on the next engagement.