Sarah Palin

Opposing 9/11 mosque 'like antisemitism'

By Jennifer Lipman, August 23, 2010

The wife of the imam behind the plan to build a mosque and Islamic centre in Manhattan, just by the site of the 9/11 attack, has likened opposition to the proposal to prejudice against Jews.

Daisy Khan said she was “deeply concerned” about the negative reaction to the project, known as the Cordoba Initiative.

Mrs Khan, whose husband Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is the moderate Muslim in charge of the plan, said: "This is like a metastasised antisemitism. That's what we feel right now.

"It's not even Islamophobia, it's beyond Islamophobia - it's hate of Muslims.”


Analysis: The American election

By Shmuel Rosner, November 6, 2008

Six months ago, in the Pennsylvanian Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama hands down for the Jewish vote by roughly a two-to-one margin.

This week, apart from the Orthodox community, it was hard to find a Jewish Pennsylvanian not voting for Obama. And early exit polls showed that he attracted the same percentage of Jewish voters as John Kerry in 2004, if not more.


Obama? McCain? Our panel chews it over

By Dana Gloger, October 30, 2008

You do not need to be hooked on politics to take an interest in next week's US presidential election. Not only will the winner be the planet's most powerful man, but the personalities are compelling - the country could have the first-ever African-American president, the first female vice-president, or a 72-year-old grandfather taking the global lead. Of course, Jewish issues, particularly relating to Israel, are also occupying minds. So how do American Jews living in this country feel about the elections?


Now you can look like Palin

By Simon Round, October 17, 2008

Love her or hate her, there is no doubt that Sarah Palin has made a big impression since her introduction to the US presidential race as John McCain's running partner.

The latest evidence of this is the fact that, a Brooklyn wig shop, has unveiled the "Sarah Palin Wig" for Orthodox (presumably Republican) women.

Boruch Shlanger, one of the shop's owners, said: "It is very easy to maintain, and is a very classic look."
If so, it must be the only thing about Palin which is low-maintenance.


How Jewish is Sarah Palin?

September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin has already turned out to be a lively Republican candidate for US vice president. To our knowledge no one has yet inquired as to her Jewishness.

Against: There is plenty of stuff here, not least the fact that Palin, then Sarah Heath, was baptised as a Roman Catholic and then rebaptised into the Pentecotal church. Her hobbies are hunting, ice fishing and riding snowmobiles - these are practically enough to rule her out in themselves. She is thought to be a fan of former presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan, famous for his anti Israel diatribes.


Debate rages over Palin’s Israel credentials

By Nathan Guttman, September 4, 2008

John McCain's controversial choice for vice president, Sarah Palin, made her first steps toward strengthening ties with the American Jewish community amid criticism from Democrats and praise from Republicans.

Ms Palin, the 44-year-old governor of Alaska, took time the day before formally receiving the Party's nomination to meet with leaders of the pro-Israel lobby and thus highlight her credentials with the Jewish community.