Rosh Hashanah

Hall of Fame: Paulo Coelho

October 3, 2011

"A new year is a blossom with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within. Shana Tova."


Beyond the power of the Almighty?

By James Masters, September 28, 2011

It has been a tough week in the sports department at the JC office with a certain Mr Caro still reeling from North London Raiders dismal start to the season.

It probably doesn’t help when you’re subjected to chants of ‘Danny Dire’ or ‘Caro out’ each time you walk in and out although it’s certainly entertaining to watch.


How to dip your Apple in honey

By Jennifer Lipman, September 28, 2011

Just another use for your iPad.


Shana Tovah from President Obama

By Jennifer Lipman, September 28, 2011

A Rosh Hashanah message from President Obama.


Hague wishes Jewish world a peaceful New Year

By Jennifer Lipman, September 27, 2011

The Foreign Secretary has joined leaders of the main parties in wishing the Jewish community "in the UK and around the world" a happy new year.


Shana Tova - give blood

By Jessica Elgot, September 27, 2011

The NHS has launched a Rosh Hashanah campaign to encourage community members to give blood.

Large posters with the Shana Tova greeting have been hung in prominent sites in Edgware, Mill Hill, Stanmore, Golders Green and Elstree.


Are bees in for a sticky end?

By Ruth Joseph, September 27, 2011

There is no food more intrinsically connected with Rosh Hashanah than honey.

For millennia it has been eaten at the festival to symbolise our hopes for a good, sweet year.


Shanah Tovah

September 27, 2011

It is something of a nation-wide communal sport to moan about the Rosh Hashanah sermon - each and every sermon, that is, delivered by each and every rabbi.

But this year, spare a thought for those rabbis who have to find something meaty enough to be remembered, original enough to be worth saying, and uncontroversial enough not to annoy. It is not a task to be envied.


Recipe: Aromatic apple jam

By Linda Dangoor, September 23, 2011

The addition of rosewater and cardamom makes this jam wonderfully fragranced. It is my mother's recipe, which she makes for Rosh Hashanah. You can use Golden Delicious or Royal Gala apples.


● 200ml water
● 730g granulated sugar
● 1 kg apples, peeled, cored, seeded and quartered
● 7 whole cardamom pods
● 1 tbsp rosewater
● 1 lemon, juiced


The Maccabeats: Book of Good Life

By Jennifer Lipman, September 23, 2011

A Rosh Hashanah tune from the kings of Jewish pop