Roman Polanski

For festive cheer, look to Bradford

By Martin Bright, December 23, 2013

I wanted this column to be full of seasonal cheer, I really did. I wanted to sing of the joys of multicultural inter-faith dialogue, despite my scepticism.


Roman Polanski denied bail in Switzerland

By Jessica Elgot, October 6, 2009

Roman Polanski has been denied bail after his arrest in Switzerland while the US authorities attempt to secure his extradition for the rape of a 13-year-old girl in 1978.

Folco Galli, spokesman for the Swiss Justice Ministry said the film director’s request had been denied because it was feared he would flee the country.

It is now likely that Mr Polanski will remain in prison until any extradition process has been completed. The US has 60 days to file the request, and Mr Polanski is expected to appeal against any request made.


Polanski's supporters demand 'immediate release'

By Jessica Elgot, September 29, 2009

Jewish filmmakers and artists have spoken out against the arrest of Rosemary's Baby director Roman Polanski.

Woody Allen, actor Wim Wenders and British director Stephen Frears are among the 138 Hollywood names who have signed a petition pledging to fight Mr Polanski’s extradition to the US.

Mr Polanski, who is a Holocaust survivor, has not returned to the US since pleading guilty to drugging and raping 13-year-old Samantha Geimer in 1977. He currently resides in France where he holds citizenship.