Restaurant closure

August 22, 2008
Liverpool's Harold House Community Centre is to close its restaurant and bar for at least four weeks for refurbishment from next Thursday. An EGM was held yesterday to discuss the restaurant's future. Run by two in-house staff, the venue has been opening on Thursday and Sunday evenings. Harold House is due to move to the King David schools site as part of a £23 million development in 2010.


How De Niro helped take Nobu to Israel

By Anthea Gerrie, August 7, 2008
Update: Since this story was published, Nobu have changed their plans.

The global restaurant empire - and the first Nobu Hotel - will open in the Middle East's St Tropez in 2010. We talk to the businessmen making it happen

The restaurant chain Nobu launched a hospitality division to incorporate a luxury hotel and apartments in May. The first of them is to open at Israel's Herzliya marina.


Blooms wins bills dispute

By Leon Symons, July 24, 2008

Blooms kosher restaurant has been exonerated in a dispute over bills with Kelmans, the North London kosher butcher.

The case was heard by the London Beth Din in May. Now LBD registrar David Frei has written to Blooms that “allegations made against you... were proven to be unfounded”.

Blooms managing director Kitty Rudolf said: “I am very pleased this has been settled.”


Wagamama and wireless: students to get a kosher upgrade from UJS-Hillel

By Candice Krieger, July 17, 2008

UJS-Hillel is opening a landmark new student centre in London to meet the growing needs of Jewish students.

The centre — a 4,000 sq ft state-of-the-art premises on the corner of Euston Road and Upper Woburn Place — will replace the existing Hillel House site on Endsleigh Street, which has been sold to University College London for an undisclosed sum.

There are around 1,500 Jewish students in London. The new centre, scheduled to open in September, will aim to engage an increasing number of students in communal activities.


Young, Orthodox and down the pub

By Alex Barnes, June 19, 2008

A London pub may not be the first place you would expect young Orthodox singles to frequent, but what is claimed to be Europe’s first kosher pub has rapidly become a destination of choice for this particular demographic.

Sadly, it is not called The Chief Rabbi’s Head, but Fernando’s Chicken Grill and Bar in Hendon, North-West London, is doing a roaring trade since it opened a month ago in the premises of the former White Bear pub.


Developer in kosher revival

By Leon Symons, June 5, 2008

A property developer has undertaken a mission to bring kosher food back to South Manchester.

David Jebreel owns a non-kosher restaurant in the area that has closed down. Now he is seeking a tenant who will turn it into a kosher restaurant.

“There is a big Jewish community but there is nowhere for them to eat kosher. If people want to eat in a kosher restaurant, they have to travel up to 20 miles to north Manchester,” he said.


Ronen Givon and Chistian Mouysset encourage open democracy — for hummus

By Candice Krieger, May 29, 2008

Ronen Givon and his business partner Christian Mouysset, founders of food chain Hummus Bros, are used to cooking up their own variations of the chickpea snack. But after encouraging others to try their luck, they are so impressed with what they have seen — and tasted — that they have decided to serve it.


Giraffe sticks its neck out

By Simon Round, May 29, 2008

Chicago Rib Shack owner Jon Yantin received a roasting from rivals Giraffe after innocently suggesting on our Business page that his place, unlike Giraffe, was not a children’s restaurant. Giraffe director Andrew Jacobs so overreacted that he sent in his PRs demanding corrections, and even prevailed on Yantin to apologise and send the JC a letter stating that Giraffe was actually a “family restaurant”.


Jamie spices up poker day

May 16, 2008

Jamie Oliver helped to cook up a six-figure sum for co-existence projects in Israel when he took part in the One to One Children’s Fund poker tournament in the West End on Sunday.

Jamie Oliver and David Altschuler at the One to One Children's Fund tournament


The grill they all want a stake in

By Candice Krieger, May 8, 2008

Restaurant owner Jon Yantin is not alone in seeing the potential of his newly reopened Chicago Rib Shack.

It has received £3 million in backing from some of the world’s most accomplished entrepreneurs.

John Yantin, owner of Chicago Rib Shack

Investment banker Michael Sherwood, the co-chief executive of Goldman Sachs International, and Anthony Lyons, head of Earls Court & Olympia, now hold a stake in the London restaurant, which is offering kosher meat.