Fine end to innings at Southgate shul

By Jay Grenby, November 18, 2013

Cricket-loving Cockfosters and North Southgate minister Rabbi Yisroel Fine was bowled over by one of the gifts he received at reception marking his imminent retirement — a bat signed by this summer’s Australian touring team.


Alan Dershowitz decries ‘tyranny’ of Israeli rabbis

By Simon Rocker, November 14, 2013

One of America’s most prominent pro-Israel advocates, Professor Alan Dershowitz, has written to President Shimon Peres to protest at the “religious tyranny” of Israel’s chief rabbinate.

He has intervened in a “who is a Jew” row that has flared up between the state’s rabbinical authorities and a leading American modern Orthodox rabbi, Avraham Weiss.


Limmud row deepens after ‘aberration’ slur

By Simon Rocker, November 13, 2013

An outspoken attack on Limmud by one of the candidates for chief rabbi this week reignited the furore over Orthodox participation in next month’s cross-communal conference.

Rabbi Alan Kimche, in an article sent to congregants at his Ner Israel Synagogue, claimed that Limmud “celebrates a rejection of all that is precious to Orthodox Judaism”.


Rabbi Neuberger plea on immigrants

By Sandy Rashty, November 13, 2013

Baroness Julia Neuberger says the Jewish community must speak out more on behalf of immigrants, and should welcome the Romanians and Bulgarians expected to arrive in the UK next year.


Rabbis’ plea over divided family

By Sandy Rashty, November 7, 2013

British rabbis have spoken out in support of a Jewish mother fighting for the return of her two sons from her ex-husband.

Rachael Neustadt, from Hendon, won a landmark victory at Moscow City Court to bring back Daniel and Jonathan who are aged seven and five. The boys had been taken to Russia by their father, Ilya Neustadt, last December.


Schochet leaving Rosh Pinah

By Simon Rocker, November 4, 2013

Mill Hill Synagogue’s Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet has resigned as principal of the Rosh Pinah Primary School in Edgware.

Rabbi Schochet, who is also principal of the new Etz Chaim free school in Mill Hill, felt it was “inappropriate” to stay on at Rosh Pinah “when I can’t give the job the amount of time it deserves. And it will increasingly require more time than ever before.”


Docklands visionary Paul Reichmann dies

By Rosa Doherty, October 31, 2013

The developer behind Canary Wharf in London has died aged 83.

Born in Vienna in 1930, Paul Reichmann fled to Paris with his family in 1939 to escape the Nazis.

After the war, Mr Reichmann took a Talmudic studies course in Britain and then Israel, where he became a rabbi.


Diplomat who faced down the Gestapo

By Simon Rocker, October 24, 2013

Were it not for him, Baroness Rabbi Julia Neuberger might not have been born, nor Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, nor thousands of other British Jews.

The name of Robert Smallbones will be unfamiliar to many. For only now has the British diplomat finally begun to receive recognition for his efforts to pluck Jews out of Nazi Germany.


Chief Rabbi praises Board but laments disunity

By Charlotte Oliver, October 24, 2013

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis marked his first official appearance at a Board of Deputies plenary meeting on Sunday by stressing the need for “unity” among British Jews.


Rampant Rabbi refuses to take a cold shower

By Rosa Doherty, October 24, 2013

A Jewish comedian is marketing a sex toy he has called the Rampant Rabbi, despite an attempts by high street retail chain Ann Summers to stop him.

Shed Simove designed the silicone toy in the figure of a rabbi and sells it on his website. It is, he says aimed at “the modern Jewish woman”.