Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

Shop selling 'neo-Nazi' clothes opens yards from chief rabbi's office

By Rosa Doherty, April 17, 2014

Community leaders are urging residents to boycott a German clothing brand favoured by neo-Nazis, after shop selling the brand opened just yards from the chief r abbi’s office.

Thor Steinar clothes, which are notoriously worn by right-wing extremists, are on sale in the Viking Thor shop in North Finchley, a north London neighbourhood with a high number of Jewish residents.


Mirvis’s Shabbat mission

By Simon Rocker, March 20, 2014

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis is spearheading a campaign to increase the celebration of Shabbat.
Shabbat UK was inspired by a successful programme launched last autumn by his South African counterpart, Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein.


Chief Rabbi calls on leaders to act over Syria

By Sandy Rashty, March 13, 2014

Rabbis across the religious divide have called on world leaders to commit to peace talks in Syria on the third anniversary of the outbreak of civil war.

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis along with representatives from the Sephardi, Reform, Liberal and Masorti movements signed an open letter sent by World Jewish Relief this week.


Chief Rabbi Mirvis backs mother over custody row

By Sandy Rashty, February 13, 2014

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has backed a mother’s bid to be reunited with her missing sons.

In a letter, he said the Rachael Neustadt’s two children were facing a tragic situation.

Three months ago, Ms Neustadt won a landmark court ruling to bring Daniel, seven, and Jonathan, five, back to the UK, after they were taken to Moscow by their father Ilya in 2012.


Chief Rabbi and Archbishop of York to launch student interfaith group

By Charlotte Oliver, February 13, 2014

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis will join the Archbishop of York at Durham University next week to welcome the launch of a new, student-led, interfaith group.

Set up in partnership with the Council of Christians and Jews, the CCJ Student Presidents (CCJSP) is a community made up of students of different faiths across the UK.


Archbishop of Canterbury joins rabbis in talks on Israel and antisemitism

By Simon Rocker, January 31, 2014

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has held his first meeting with his fellow leaders of the Council of Christians and Jews since taking office last year.


Mirvis is praised on his century

By Simon Rocker, January 27, 2014

United Synagogue president Steven Pack has complimented Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis on an “amazing job” in his first 100 days of office.

In an article posted in the US’s online magazine, You and US, Mr Pack gave Rabbi Mirvis “10 out of 10”, saying he had “certainly delivered his objectives” in the opening months of his chief rabbinate.


Helena Bonham Carter to sit on David Cameron's Holocaust Commission

By Marcus Dysch, January 27, 2014

Hollywood actress Helena Bonham Carter, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and senior politicians Michael Gove and Ed Balls will sit on the new Holocaust Commission announced by David Cameron.

The cross-party, multi-faith group will investigate ways to educate future generations of Britons about the Shoah.


Ego stands in way of great leadership, Chief tells Limmud

By Daniel Easterman, December 23, 2013

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has spoken of his delight at experiencing “wonderful sense of togetherness and a deep thirst for knowledge” at the Limmud 2013 conference.

When he arrived to speak, the packed lecture hall greeted Rabbi Mirvis with rapturous applause, and his speech also prompted a standing ovation.


Chief warns against women leading prayers

By Marcus Dysch, December 23, 2013

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has warned rabbis that partnership minyan services — where women can lead prayers — should not be allowed to take place in Orthodox synagogues.

In a message sent to leading rabbis and rebbetzins, Rabbi Mirvis said the services were “not something that can take place within our synagogues”.