New police chief backs Gaza protests

By Jonathan Kalmus, November 23, 2012

Greater Manchester’s first Police and Crime Commissioner, a long- standing pro-Palestinian campaigner, has said people “ought to draw very strong conclusions” about the Israeli Palestinian conflict and protest on the streets of Manchester.


University building occupied as Gaza protests spread to campus

By Marcus Dysch, November 22, 2012

Protests have taken place on university campuses across Britain in response to the violent conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

At the School of Oriental and African Studies in central London, the students’ union AGM voted in support of a motion pledging solidarity with the people of Gaza.


The protests near the Israeli Embassy, London

By Anna Sheinman, November 16, 2012

Photos from both the pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel rallies held near the Israeli Embassy on High Street Kensington on Thursday evening.

propalestine (1).JPG
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Israel rally.JPG
Israel rally 2. JPG.JPG
Israel rally 3.JPG
Israel rally 4.JPG


Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israel protests in London

By Anna Sheinman, November 16, 2012

Hundreds of protesters crowded the streets of South Kensington, close to the Israeli Embassy, on Thursday night in two demonstrations – one shouting “Free Palestine”, the other singing “Od Avinu Chai”.


West Bank riots - and another opportunity is missed

By Alan Johnson, September 13, 2012

Travelling through the West Bank this week with a Bicom delegation of new media leaders, the backdrop to our meetings has been tyres burning in Hebron, roads blocked in Nablus and hundreds of protesters waving pitta in Ramallah.

The Palestinians are angry about the high cost of living, and the target of that anger is Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.


‘ISM was using activists as terrorists’ human shields’

By Robbie Sabel, August 30, 2012

Videos of the death of Rachel Corrie have horrified viewers around the world and caused Israel immense public damage in the nine years since the incident.


Four more self-immolations in Israel

By Zoe Winograd, July 26, 2012

The horrific self-immolation earlier this month by a man protesting against living conditions has triggered a wave of copycat acts across Israel.

Last Sunday, Mr Yaakov Mapay, a 47-year-old disabled war veteran, set himself on fire at a bus stop in Yehud, near Tel Aviv.


Summer of rage kicks off in Israel

By Anshel Pfeffer, June 28, 2012

A second wave of social protests is kicking off in Israel, this time marred by violence on both sides.


Flytilla flyers' wings clipped

By Jonathan Kalmus, April 19, 2012

Pro-Palestinian activists have criticised UK airports and budget airline Jet2 for imposing the UK's "first Israeli checkpoints" after passengers attempting to take part in Sunday's "flytilla" protests were stopped from boarding flights to Israel.

A dozen or so passengers, led by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, were stopped by Jet2's Manchester check-in desk, which closed briefly du


Worldwide BDS proves its irrelevance

April 4, 2012

The failure of the Global March to Jerusalem has not come as a surprise to Israeli diplomats and IDF officers.

Pro-Palestinian organisations had been planning to march hundreds of thousands of supporters towards Israel's borders and embassies last Friday but, despite clashes on the border of the Gaza Strip and in a few events in the West Bank, the day passed with relatively little incident.