Watch out for bogus buyers

By Martin Samuel, August 26, 2010

Buying a football club is very expensive. Saying you are buying a football club, however, is as cheap as chips. One phone call, one off the record briefing and away you go. Most of us could manage that in our lunch hour. Maybe some of you have. We all made prank calls as children; this is merely the grown-up version.


Shul rebels fail to sack rabbi

By Candice Krieger, September 4, 2008

Members of Portsmouth and Southsea Hebrew Congregation have failed in an attempt to dismiss their rabbi.

Rabbi David Katanka's job was under threat after more than 30 members signed a resolution calling for his departure. But at last Sunday's 60-member-strong extraordinary general meeting - called to discuss Rabbi Katanka's position and the financial future of the synagogue - the motion failed by five votes.


Freemasons attend Service of Thanksgiving

June 6, 2008

Portsmouth and Southsea Hebrew Congregation hosted a Service of Thanksgiving. The 200 guests included members of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Royal Arch Freemasons. The service had been the idea of synagogue warden Tony Cooper, who recently became a companion of Royal Arch, and synagogue co-treasurers Alan Berman and Laurence Guyer, who both hold senior provincial rank in Royal Arch.