The Holocaust survivor who's on the political front line

By Rosa Doherty, April 8, 2015

A group of anti-Ukip protesters hit the headlines last month when Nigel Farage labelled them “scum” after they forced him to flee his local pub.

The Ukip leader was angry that he the incident had taken place while he was out eating Sunday lunch with his family.


Rabbi says voting is our religious duty

By Sandy Rashty, April 8, 2015

A senior rabbi has called on all British Jews to exercise their “religious duty to vote” at the general election.

Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, of Maidenhead Synagogue, said it was incumbent on Jews to use their ballot to block extremist groups.


SNP may force Labour to take tougher line on Israel

By Robert Philpot, April 8, 2015

Last week’s election debate provided an introduction to Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon for many voters south of the border. They may be seeing much more of her in the months ahead — despite Labour ruling out a coalition, polls indicate that some form of informal deal with her Scottish National Party may be Ed Miliband’s only route into No 10.


An obvious shock

April 8, 2015

The overwhelming support for David Cameron’s Conservatives — and the corresponding hostility to Ed Miliband’s Labour — revealed in our poll are at once both unsurprising and shocking. Unsurprising, because the Labour leader appears to regard the Jewish community as simply not worth bothering with — in marked contrast to David Cameron’s constant engagment with British Jews.


Huge majority of British Jews will vote Tory, JC poll reveals

By Marcus Dysch, April 7, 2015

British Jews will vote overwhelmingly for the Conservatives, an exclusive JC poll has revealed.

Asked who they would support in next month’s general election, 69 per cent of Jewish voters said they would support the Tories. Only 22 per cent said they would vote Labour.


Meet the election candidate who 'does not have time' to campaign

By Marcus Dysch, March 31, 2015

The Liberal Democrats are fielding a candidate in the constituency with the country’s fastest-growing Jewish community who refuses to talk to the media.

Sophie Bowler is standing for the party in Hertsmere, a Conservative safe seat which encompasses Borehamwood, Elstree and Radlett.


Passover story gives hope to today’s oppressed peoples, says David Cameron

By Marcus Dysch, March 30, 2015

The story of Pesach can give hope to those who are oppressed around the world, David Cameron has said.

In his Passover message to British Jews, the Prime Minister called for increased efforts to bring peace to areas of conflict.

Mr Cameron said: “In so many countries, families and friends will be coming together to celebrate the freedom of their ancestors.


Electrician hopes to spark Labour upset

By Marcus Dysch, March 26, 2015

Electrician Richard Butler has probably never been compared to Sisyphus, but Labour's candidate in Hertsmere could be forgiven for feeling that he has been handed an impossible task.

Like the ancient Greek king who repeatedly pushed a boulder up a hill only to see it roll back again, Mr Butler faces what looks like inevitable failure.


Bubbe for No 10

March 26, 2015

Forget David Cameron and Ed Miliband. We’ve been looking in the wrong place for solutions to the nation’s ills.

The answer lies — as it always does — with bubbe.

As Doris Osen, who is standing in Ilford North, puts it: “We have the time, the energy, the intelligence and experience. We have been through so much in our lifetime.”


West Bank settlement building will hasten Palestinian state, warns Malcolm Rifkind

By Marcus Dysch, March 25, 2015

If Benjamin Netanyahu’s new Israeli administration pushes an aggressive policy of settlement building it could hasten the creation of an independent Palestinian state, former British Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind has warned.