It's Ken again: Livingstone says 'richer' Jews vote Tory

By Marcus Dysch, May 7, 2014

Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone has repeated his claim that Jewish voters support the Conservative Party because they are wealthier than in the past.

On BBC’s Newsnight programme on Monday Mr Livingstone said Jews were now “richer” than 50 years ago and had shifted from backing Labour.


European Parliament elections: platitudes, not policies

By Marcus Dysch, May 1, 2014

The leading issues in this month’s European Parliament elections — immigration and Britain’s future role in the European Union — are not topics of specific Jewish interest. But there are a number of potential outcomes when voters go to the polls which could have a direct impact.


European elections — we ask the major parties their positions on the issues affecting British Jews

May 1, 2014


How will you defend religious practices?

Conservatives firmly subscribe to the ideals of respect and diversity within our communities.

How will you challenge the Far-right?


Hull City player fined for praising Anelka’s quenelle

By Marcus Dysch, April 24, 2014

The Football Association has fined Hull City striker Yannick Sagbo £15,000 after he tweeted support for Nicolas Anelka’s infamous quenelle gesture.

Sagbo will also be forced to take part in an education programme as punishment for claiming Anelka was a “legend” when he performed the antisemitic sign.


Farage clash with Le Pen over racism

By Marcus Dysch, April 24, 2014

French National Front leader Marine Le Pen has clashed with Nigel Farage after the Ukip leader suggested her party was antisemitic.


Miliband had a lot to prove and to a great extent did so

By Anshel Pfeffer, April 14, 2014

Everyone seems happy with Ed Miliband’s visit to Israel. The Israeli establishment got a good look at the man who may be Britain’s next prime minister and was assured that his heart was in the right place.

The leadership of the British Jewish community, who often sense a disconnect in Mr Miliband, got a chance to see him at ease in the Jewish state.


Ed connects — but still won’t say the Z-word

By Anshel Pfeffer, April 14, 2014

More than three years since becoming Labour leader, last week Ed Miliband made his first official foreign trip — to Israel.

He could hardly have chosen a more critical moment to arrive, with the peace process in turmoil. But, in an interview at the Hebrew University campus in Jerusalem, he was careful not to be drawn on his prescriptions for the diplomatic impasse.


Culture Secretary Javid is Cabinet’s new Israel ally

By Marcus Dysch, April 14, 2014

Israel has a new ally in the Cabinet — the first Asian male Conservative minister.

Sajid Javid was appointed Culture Secretary following Maria Miller’s resignation last week and is tipped as a possible future Tory leader.


Reform rabbi attacks Michael Gove for ‘devaluing’ RE

By Charlotte Oliver, March 20, 2014

A leading Reform rabbi has attacked Education Secretary Michael Gove for not recognising the value of religious education.

Rabbi Jonathan Romain said the study of RE had been consistently undermined by Mr Gove, who had failed to promote it as a core subject.

“It’s not just that RE has been ignored and left on the shelf, but it has actually been devalued,” Rabbi Romain said.


Tony Benn, fierce Israel critic — but once an admirer?

By Marcus Dysch, March 20, 2014

Tony Benn’s shifting views on Israel and the Palestinians have come under the spotlight following the veteran politician’s death.

The former Labour cabinet minister, campaigner and diarist, who has died at the age of 88, was a strong supporter of Anglo-Jewry, but in recent years had taken a hard-line approach against Israel and called for an end to Zionism.