Economics only part of the solution

By Matthew Goodwin, May 28, 2014

Once again, the far right is dominating Europe’s media and political debate.

The latest set of European Parliament elections has seen significant gains by parties that are commonly included in the far-right family.


European election: going backwards

By Michael Goldfarb, May 28, 2014

Symbolism. That’s what the European parliamentary elections are really about. Voting for representatives to a legislative body that has no real power but is a “symbol” of a united Europe.


Jewish candidates prepare for local election battles across the country

May 15, 2014

HACKNEY - By Simon Rocker

A poster in a rather highbrow style of Yiddish appeared in Hackney this week, urging its large Charedi population to cast their votes for Labour in the council elections on May 22.

But the appeal comes in the teeth of one glaring fact: of the more than 20 Charedi candidates standing in the London borough, not one is from the ruling Labour administration.


Baroness Warsi calls for ‘inventive’ Holocaust remembrance

By Daniel Easterman, May 15, 2014

Baroness Warsi revealed this week how a visit to Yad Vashem had sharpened her appreciation of the importance of Holocaust remembrance.

The minister for faith and communities told an audience at the Foreign Office in London on Tuesday: “I was really struck by the image of a young girl. She was the same age and a spitting image of my daughter.


Shechita labelling move rejected by Parliament

By Marcus Dysch, May 15, 2014

A failed attempt by MPs to introduce stricter labelling of kosher and halal meat has boosted shechita campaigners.

A group of Conservative MPs had hoped to secure an amendment to the Consumer Rights Bill which would have called for all products containing halal and kosher meat to be labelled as such.


Brown honours ‘great and good’ Sir Martin

By Marcus Dysch, May 8, 2014

Gordon Brown has praised renowned Jewish historian Sir Martin Gilbert’s contribution to Britain.

The former Prime Minister opened a library in the writer’s honour at Sir Martin’s former school, Highgate, in north London, on Tuesday.


Ukip members try to answer suggestions that party has racist elements

By Marcus Dysch, May 8, 2014

Nigel Farage has predicted that Ukip will cause a “political earthquake” when voters go to the polls later this month. Arguably, shock waves are already being felt as support for the party grows within the Jewish community.

Ukip boasts the only British Lubavitch candidate in the European elections, but how does Anglo-Jewry’s immigrant history square with the party’s agenda?


Nick Clegg welcomes Board of Deputies' Jewish manifesto

By Marcus Dysch, May 7, 2014
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has welcomed the Board of Deputies' manifesto aimed at informing European Parliament members about key areas of Jewish interest.

The European elections take place on May 22.


It's Ken again: Livingstone says 'richer' Jews vote Tory

By Marcus Dysch, May 7, 2014

Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone has repeated his claim that Jewish voters support the Conservative Party because they are wealthier than in the past.

On BBC’s Newsnight programme on Monday Mr Livingstone said Jews were now “richer” than 50 years ago and had shifted from backing Labour.


European Parliament elections: platitudes, not policies

By Marcus Dysch, May 1, 2014

The leading issues in this month’s European Parliament elections — immigration and Britain’s future role in the European Union — are not topics of specific Jewish interest. But there are a number of potential outcomes when voters go to the polls which could have a direct impact.