At Krakow's Jewish Community Centre, 90 per cent of volunteers are Catholic

By Nissan Tzur, January 12, 2014

They celebrate every Jewish holiday; they organise Shabbat dinners, lectures and film screenings on Judaism; and they take part in the annual Jewish festival in Krakow — but they are not Jews.


Jewish and Muslim heads take Polish schechita ban to EU

By Charlotte Oliver, December 4, 2013

Two leaders from Judaism and Islam have joined up to fight Poland’s ban on ritual slaughter and have now taken their case to the European Union.

Director General of the European Jewish Association (EJA) Rabbi Menachem Margolin partnered with Chief Mufti of Poland Tomasz Miskiewicz last week to lodge an official complaint with the European Commission.


Found: the fake scholar who duped universities

By Nissan Tzur, October 31, 2013

Several universities welcomed an Israeli professor into their lecture theatres when he impressed them with his doctoral thesis in international law.

The academic, known only as Mariusz K, began a series of lectures across Poland earning up to £100,000 zloty (£25,000) from the various schools and colleges.


Holocaust writer Grabowski faces Polish fury

By Nissan Tzur, October 18, 2013

He has suffered death threats and is boycotted by the Polish community in Canada, where he lives today. Even in his homeland he is not always welcome, but Polish historian Jan Grabowski, 50, does not give up. He is determined to continue his struggle to expose the truth.


Topless model photo shoot at Jewish cemetery

By Zoe Winograd, August 20, 2013

A Polish photographer has been criticised for using a half-naked model in a photo shoot at a Jewish cemetery.

Photographer Lukasz Szczygielski asked a topless model wearing a necklace with a cross to pose against headstones in an attempt to bring attention to the neglected cemetery in Checiny.

“The cemetery is forgotten,” he told Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.


Leeds professor rejects Polish award over antisemitic slurs

By Zoe Winograd, August 20, 2013

The former chair of sociology at the University of Leeds has rejected an honorary doctorate from a Polish university, blaming antisemitic attacks against him.


Catholic-raised Poles discover their Jewish roots

By Sandy Rashty, August 14, 2013

A group of Polish Jews who were raised as Catholics until they recently discovered their heritage, arrived in Jerusalem on Wednesday.


Abattoirs to sue over Polish shechita law

By Nissan Tzur, August 1, 2013

Over 80 slaughterhouses, meat plants and animal breeders are to sue the Polish government for loss of business, two weeks after parliament voted not to protect shechita in law.


Polish form emergency committee on shechita

By Josh Jackman, July 25, 2013

The Polish committee fighting the country’s prohibition on shechita had their first meeting on Monday as the government agreed “to look at all possible solutions”.


Polish PM sets up committee to fight shechita ban

By Josh Jackman, July 18, 2013

The Polish Prime Minister has established a special committee as part of his ongoing efforts to overturn a national ban on shechita.

The Polish Ambassador to the European Union, Marek Prawda, stated this morning that Prime Minister Donald Tusk had consented to the formation of the group after Poland’s parliament last week defeated his attempt to legally protect religious slaughter.