Tesco confuses Pesach shoppers

By Jonathan Kalmus, March 7, 2013

Supermarket giant Tesco has been found selling non-kosher for Passover cakes and snacks as Pesach products.

The JC found at least nine products being sold in stores across the country as part of the chain’s dedicated Passover offerings, some which contained standard processed wheat, which is strictly forbidden during the eight-day festival.


One day good, two days bad

By Jennifer Lipman, October 12, 2012

Imagine if the day after Halloween, trick-or-treaters decided to return for a second dose of sugary delights and egg-related threats? Or, if after every Valentine's Day, hopeless romantics expected their loved ones to whisper sweet nothings for a further 25 hours. Madness, we'd say. Once is enough.


Healing hands: how Israeli town riven by religious war is forging peace

By Anshel Pfeffer, April 11, 2012

Last year, Beit Shemesh was ground zero for the latest round of religious conflict in Israel, with regular reports emerging from the town of violent scuffles and the harassment of schoolgirls.

In recent months, however, the town may have turned into a symbol of communal engagement.


Freedom’s varieties

April 5, 2012

Over the next eight days, we celebrate freedom. For some, the invocation "next year in Jerusalem" has a very real meaning. This will, for example, be the first Seder in five years that Gilad Shalit has been free to celebrate in his homeland.


Tesco shoppers find matzah meal not for Passover

By Jennifer Lipman, April 5, 2012

Shoppers undertaking last minute Pesach preparations are being advised to check the packaging of Tesco matzah meal after customers found it was not certified for the festival.


In London, more needed to face down the bullies

April 4, 2012

London's Global March to Jerusalem demonstration took place last Friday evening opposite the Israeli Embassy.

About 15-20 Israel supporters turned up, the usual stalwarts who put themselves on the line to face a barrage of abuse from the bully boys of the PSC.


Cameron: Toulouse a reminder Pesach search for freedom not over

By Jennifer Lipman, April 4, 2012

The Prime Minister has sent his wishes to British Jews for a "very happy and peaceful Pesach".

David Cameron, speaking just over a fortnight after an Islamist gunman murdered three children and a rabbi outside the Ozar Hatorah Jewish School in France, noted that the festival marked the "release from slavery and the liberation of a people from tyranny".


Breakin' Free: The Fountainheads sing for Pesach

By Jennifer Lipman, March 27, 2012

The Ein Prat Fountainheads offer up another Jewish holiday-themed music video, this one for Pesach


Warren Buffet 's latest investment: chametz

By Jennifer Lipman, March 26, 2012

Warren Buffet, the world's third richest man, is known for his sharp grasp of international finance and his ability to sniff out a good deal.

His instincts did not fail him last month when he symbolically bought the chametz of a rabbi in his home state of Nebraska.


A modern musical take on Seder

By Jennifer Lipman, March 23, 2012

Beatboxing and a contemporary twist on some Pesach tunes.