Pesach in Israel shows just how divided we are

By Nathan Jeffay, April 17, 2008

If the seder meal is a time of unity, why will so many Jewish service staff in the Holy Land be working against their will?

It seems there could hardly be a greater example of Jewish unity and the power of Pesach to bring people together. Tomorrow night, thousands of Jews from across the diaspora will celebrate seder in Israeli hotels.

At first glance, the scene in the average hotel tells this happy story. But like a Magic Eye picture, on closer examination things look very different. In truth, the scene will epitomise just how polarised we have become as a religion.


How horseradish came to be the chosen herb

By Rabbi Chaim Weiner, April 17, 2008

Rabbi Chaim Weiner on how communities have preserved their history through Pesach customs

Passover is a commemoration of the Exodus from Egypt. But religious rituals do not survive solely as historical reminders. Rituals that endure over time embody eternal truths that capture the imagination over time and space. The real power of Passover is that it is a celebration of freedom. It marks the struggle of a people to escape slavery and to determine their own destiny.


Extra time at Tesco

April 17, 2008

Prestwich Tesco will be opening its doors at one minute past midnight on Monday April 28 to allow customers to restock their kitchens after Pesach.

Store manager Joe Leeson said: “We have a lot of loyal customers in Manchester and we are aware of their shopping needs at specific times of the year.”

As previously reported in the JC, the Tesco in Brent Cross will also be opening specially just after midnight following the festival.


What to do in Israel at Pesach

By Lydia Weitzman, April 11, 2008

Wherever you are going in Israel, there’s plenty to keep everyone happy

Israel at Pesach provides the perfect holiday — café-hopping instead of cooking and matza rambling with sun hats replacing raincoats. And with hol hamoed — the intermediate days of the holiday — falling midweek, there are hundreds of events, festivals and happenings all over the country as well as all the regular sites and sights. An extra bonus is free entry into 50 museums and parks around the country, thanks to Bank Hapoalim.


Pesach appeals

April 11, 2008

Norwood’s help for eight-year-old Emily, a victim of parental abuse, is highlighted in its Pesach appeal, which has a £100,000 target.

Its theme is the miracle of the parting of the Red Sea — and how Norwood’s work within the community provides minor “miracles” to the many thousands who rely on the charity’s support.


Pesach food parcels

April 11, 2008

Over 450 parcels of Pesach essentials will be distributed to elderly and isolated members of the community through a joint initiative between the United Synagogue and the London School of Jewish Studies.

Project Chesed parcels include matzah, wine, tea, coffee, cheese and cold meats. They will be dispatched across 24 US communities, with the greatest demand from Hackney and East London Synagogue.

Rakusen’s, Osem, Blooms and Snowcrest are among food firms supporting the venture, which has also received backing from the Benjamin Angel Foundation and a private donor.


Specialist shops take on the big guns in a Pesach price war

By Jay Grenby, April 3, 2008

Consumers gain as kosher shops respond to huge reductions on key items in major supermarkets

Matzahs are in the front line as supermarkets and specialist kosher retailers wage a Pesach price war this month, offering substantial savings to those prepared to shop around.

A JC investigation reveals that a basket of Passover essentials will cost only marginally more than last year — and in some cases, less.