How the Hagaddah inspired me

By Hillary Clinton, April 18, 2016

I didn’t grow up celebrating Pesach. But over the years, I’ve attended seders where I was inspired by the remarkable story told in the haggadah — a tale of a people who, sustained by fortitude and faith, escaped slavery and reached their freedom.


How your kitchen can help ease your Pesach cleaning pains

By JC Reporter, April 4, 2016

When it comes to preparing for Passover, one room becomes more important than any other: the kitchen. After all, it is vital to make sure that every speck of chametz is scrupulously removed. But is there some way that the kitchen itself can help?


Why must this year’s Yomtov be different from all other years?

By Jennifer Lipman, January 21, 2016

Pesach is late this year. It will still creep up on us, reducing us to panic-buying ground almonds and sleepless nights counting just how many hard-boiled eggs are needed for Seder, but it falls late in the calendar year, ending on the May Bank Holiday weekend.


London Marathon chief executive Nick Bitel expresses regret over Pesach date clash

By Sandy Rashty, June 30, 2015

The chief executive of the London Marathon has told UK Jewish communal leaders that he “regrets” that the event will coincide with the second night of Passover next year.

Complaints were filed after the dates were announced with many Jewish runner unable to participate - and fundraise for charities - as a result of religious commitments.


Israel cultivates integration of Arab teachers

By Shira Rubin, May 7, 2015

Respect for "the other" is part and parcel of respecting oneself, said Sarah Silberstrom, a representative from the Ministry of Education at a recent conference aimed at addressing the dilemmas facing Arab teachers working in Israeli schools.

"But what about Yom HaNakba," interrupted an audience member, Lubna Hadija, referring to the day on which Palestinians commemorate the Nakba - "catastroph


Barred for carrying chametz

By Shira Rubin, April 8, 2015

An Israeli family filed a complaint after guards forbade them from entering a national park because they were carrying chametz.

Michal Avivi, along with her husband and daughter, were one of several families subjected to "meticulous search for chametz in all of their bags" at the Afula national park in northern Israel.

Mrs Avivi posted their story on Facebook and it quickly went viral.


David Cameron's Pesach Message 2015

By Marcus Dysch, March 31, 2015
The story of Pesach can give hope to those who are oppressed around the world, David Cameron has said.

In his Passover message to British Jews, the Prime Minister called for increased efforts to bring peace to areas of conflict.


Passover Funk: Aish perform a Pesach rendition of Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk

By Sandy Rashty, March 27, 2015

Watch this Aish group perform Passover Funk - a Pesach-inspired rendition of the award-winning hit Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.


Uptown Passover: A take on the award-winning hit by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars

By Sandy Rashty, March 27, 2015

Acapella group Six13 perform a Pesach rendition of the award-winning Uptown Funk hit by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.


Interfaith Pesach

By JCReporter, April 28, 2014

North-west London's newest Jewish community, Mosaic, enjoyed an interfaith Pesach period.
Before the festival, more than 40 Mosaic members attended a service at Harrow Mosque also involving the Methodist community.