Robbers rape teen in Paris 'hate' attack

December 4, 2014

A French Jewish, 19-year-old woman was raped on Monday night by one of three armed robbers who broke into the apartment she shared with her 21-year-old partner.

The three robbers, who reportedly told the couple they were targeting them "because Jews have money", were carrying handguns and a sawn-off shotgun.

Le Parisien reported that, before the rape, the men demanded that the couple hand ov


Gang firebombs sushi bar

By Michel Gurfinkiel, November 13, 2014

A group of youths tried to firebomb a kosher bagel and sushi bar in an up-market district of Paris last week.

According to the owners and several witnesses, the attackers threw a paving stone and then a Molotov cocktail at the restaurant. The fire was quickly put out without causing any harm.

The attackers fled as soon as police officers and firemen arrived.


Jewish fashion boss backs Galliano return

By Cecelia Rencatti and Josh Jackman, October 15, 2014

A Jewish fashion boss has insisted that John Galliano, who was found guilty of an antisemitic tirade in 2011, is ready to return to the world of fashion.

Mr Galliano was handed suspended fines totalling €6,000 (£5,200) after admitting to declaring his love for Hitler during a rant in Paris cafe in February 2011.


MPs learn lessons of a summer of hatred

By Marcus Dysch, September 23, 2014

Britain can learn substantial lessons from the way French and German authorities tackled antisemitism which stemmed from this summer's Gaza conflict.

That was the view of a delegation of MPs who travelled to Paris and Berlin to gather evidence on how officials attempted to combat Jew hatred following the sharp rise in attacks.


We must learn the lessons of Paris

By Luciana Berger, September 23, 2014

I had read many articles about the antisemitism in France and I watched a number of the YouTube videos of the recent attacks. But it wasn't until I joined a cross-party delegation of MPs to Paris with the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism (APPG) that I understood how grave the situation is.


Hate explodes in cities from Paris to Sydney

By Shirli Sitbon, July 24, 2014

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters attacked the Jewish neighbourhood of Sarcelles, a suburb to the north of Paris, on Sunday, clashing with police who stopped them yards from a local synagogue.

The protesters burned cars, looted stores, set alight a pharmacy owned by Jews, and a kosher grocery shop. They threw firebombs, damaging a community building, and destroyed public property. .


After 34 years, it's time for justice over Paris bomb

By Shimon Samuels, May 22, 2014

On October 3 1980, erev Succot, I was delivering festive greetings at the home of the Paris Ma’ariv correspondent, Tamar Golan. Her weekend houseguest, Aliza – wife of prominent Jerusalem film-maker, Micha Shagrir – asked Tamar if she needed anything for dinner. Tamar replied: “Perhaps a few figs.” Aliza and I took the lift down and walked together to the corner.


Chicken dance by South African Jewish artist ruffles French feathers

By Daniel Easterman, May 8, 2014

A South African artist was found guilty of “sexual exhibitionism” by a Paris court after he danced in public with a live cockerel attached to his penis.

The court was not able to hand down any fine or punishment to 51-year-old Steven Cohen as no formal complaint was made against him by onlookers — which included a group of nuns — and he did not engage in any public sexual acts.


Major Islamic conference in Paris accused of hosting hate speaker

By Shirli Sitbon, May 1, 2014

A speaker at France’s biggest Islamic event, the annual meeting of the Union of Islamic Organisations (UOIF), told the crowd that “all the misery in the world originates from the Jews and the Zionist barbarism”, according to a report in Le Figaro.


Use the back door, Paris university tells Israelis

By Naomi Firsht, March 27, 2014

Israeli students visiting a Paris university were asked to leave and re-enter through a back door to appease pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

The request came from the president of the Paris VIII University, after 50 members of the anti-Israel Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement protested against their presence.