Bonne chance: France seeks Israeli-Palestinian peace deal

June 2, 2016

Syria, Iraq, Libya and Egypt have large areas overrun by terrorists trying to establish a genocidal state. Yemen is shattered by war. And military giants Saudi Arabia and Iran are locked in an arms race.


Church group that sends volunteers to the West Bank to "witness life under occupation"

By Sandy Rashty, May 27, 2016

In a meek, gentle voice, young Hannah Griffiths informs the crowd that she has an important story to tell.

The largely female, 40-strong audience that has come to hear her speak at a south London bookshop await her story with stern, concerned looks.


Lesson about Palestinians should not be 'taboo'

By Simon Rocker, May 26, 2016

Talking about the Palestinians to pupils at Jewish schools "cannot be taboo", according to a specialist on teaching children about Israel.

Dr Sivan Zakai, of the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, has found that young Jewish schoolchildren in the city are unaware of the Palestinians, instead believing Israel to be in conflict with some "unclear other team".


John Kerry confirms he will attend Paris peace talks

By Josh Jackman, May 20, 2016

John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, has confirmed that he will attend a new round of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

The meeting in Paris on June 3 will aim to create a framework for future talks.


NUT's condoning of Nakba propaganda

By David Collier, May 19, 2016

Last Saturday, a conference organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign was held at the central London headquarters of the National Union of Teachers.

As someone who reports on these kinds of events, I thought I would go along. And something truly disturbing happened: I was thrown out.


The economy? No. It's the narrative, stupid

By Yossi Alpher, April 7, 2016

One of the most persistent themes in both the Israeli and the international approach to the Palestinian issue has been the notion that the road to peace has a strong economic dimension.


Move to prosecute heads of Palestinian television

By Josh Jackman, March 17, 2016

An Israeli NGO is preparing to file a complaint to the International Criminal Court against the heads of the main Palestinian TV station, whom they accuse of inciting viewers to kill Jews.

Shurat HaDin, a law centre based in Tel Aviv, is gathering complainants from around the world to strengthen its case against Palestinian TV bosses Riyad Al-Hassan and Ahmed Assaf, who they want arrested.


Split over plan to invest in Palestinians

By Anshel Pfeffer, February 25, 2016

A plan by Israel's Finance Minister, Moshe Kahlon, to allow Palestinian companies greater access to Israel's building sector could herald a split in the cabinet over both security and housing policy.

It comes as another showdown brews between Israel's security establishment and the government over policy on Gaza.


LSE publishes blog post accusing Zionism of “delegitimising” and “dehumanising” Palestinians

By JC Reporter, December 3, 2015

The London School of Economics has published a post on its website accusing Zionism of being based on Jewish biblical “notions of separateness, superiority and entitlement”.