Palestine papers

Palestine Papers' real scoop

By Geoffrey Alderman, February 21, 2011

Many commentators far more erudite than I am on the subject of peace in the Middle East have given vent to their erudition in respect of the so-called "Palestine Papers"- the 1,600 or so documents leaked to Al Jazeera and then passed on to other media.


Guardian 'misled' readers on Livni Palestine Papers quote

By Jennifer Lipman, February 14, 2011

The Guardian has admitted that it used a quote from Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni on the Palestine Papers in a “misleading” way.

The newspaper’s corrections and clarifications editor said Ms Livni's comment on the documents, released by Al-Jazeera last month, “was cut in a way that may have given a misleading impression”.


Palestinian leaks' positive side

By Daniel Finkelstein, February 9, 2011

I have just started reading a book on political hypocrisy. It has started rather well but I haven't got to the point yet. You see, the back cover promises that, by the time I get there, the book will have explained why hypocrisy is not as bad as it is usually painted. It is an honourable part of liberal democratic tradition, apparently. I hope that is right because, otherwise, I've just wasted a lot of time reading about Thomas Hobbes. But I bet Julian Assange is even keener than I am to learn that hypocrisy has its plus points.


Israeli ambassador attacks Guardian for 'out Hamasing-Hamas'

By Jennifer Lipman, February 4, 2011

The Israeli ambassador to the UK has launched a blistering attack on the Guardian newspaper for its clear “affinity for Hamas” in its coverage of the leaked Palestine Papers.

Ron Prosor, writing on the Huffington Post website, accused the British newspaper of “out Hamasing-Hamas” with its criticism of the Palestinian Authority.

It is the first time the Israeli diplomat has openly condemned the Guardian for its reporting on the Middle East.


Guardian's response: Our view

February 3, 2011

Stung by our criticism last week of its spin on the leaked papers from the Palestinian peace negotiating team, the Guardian has defended itself, calling our presentation "hostile."

But in its riposte the paper simply ignores the major areas of complaint against it, of "distortion, bias, agenda, spin and breathtaking arrogance". These criticisms were made in our leader last week, "Guardian's shame."


Reporting at odds with text

By The Bicom team, February 3, 2011

VIn order to advance their particular story, Al Jazeera and the Guardian have had to misread or misrepresent significant portions of the text, omit other key sections, and demonstrate virtually no appreciation for the history of the negotiations.


Guardian hits back at 'anti-Israel' claims

By Charlie English - The Guardian, February 3, 2011

A week after publication, the Guardian's revelations about the Palestine papers – published in partnership with Al Jazeera – have been followed up by leading Israeli and Arab news outlets as well as global media organisations such as the BBC and the New York Times.


Guardian, Al-Jazeera 'misquoted' Palestine Papers

By Jennifer Lipman, January 31, 2011

There have been “prominent distortions” in the media coverage of the content of the leaked Palestine Papers, according to research by advocacy group Bicom.

The documents have sent shockwaves around the world since they were first released last week by Al-Jazeera and the Guardian newspaper.

But ‘The Palestine Papers: Analysis or Agenda?,’ produced with input from Palestinian and Israeli experts, shows that in places the facts of the documents “differ starkly from claims made about them”.


Tony Blair: focus on peace talks not Palestine Papers

By Jennifer Lipman, January 28, 2011

Tony Blair has expressed concern that the Palestine Papers were leaked in order to destabilise the situation in the Middle East.

The former British Prime Minister who is now Middle East envoy for the Quartet, told the BBC’s Today programme that the documents were likely intended to be “extremely damaging” to the Palestinian leadership.

The papers, released by Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera earlier this week, have shed light on concessions allegedly offered by the Palestinians to Israel in 2008. However Mr Blair warned that the importance of the documents should not be overstated.


Settlements are a side issue. Believe me now?

By Robin Shepherd, January 27, 2011

One reason that political disagreements are often so enduring is that in the most heated cases there is rarely anything available which would count as proof, knocking dead one side of the debate and offering a definitive victory to the other.