The economy? No. It's the narrative, stupid

By Yossi Alpher, April 7, 2016

One of the most persistent themes in both the Israeli and the international approach to the Palestinian issue has been the notion that the road to peace has a strong economic dimension.


Move to prosecute heads of Palestinian television

By Josh Jackman, March 17, 2016

An Israeli NGO is preparing to file a complaint to the International Criminal Court against the heads of the main Palestinian TV station, whom they accuse of inciting viewers to kill Jews.

Shurat HaDin, a law centre based in Tel Aviv, is gathering complainants from around the world to strengthen its case against Palestinian TV bosses Riyad Al-Hassan and Ahmed Assaf, who they want arrested.


Split over plan to invest in Palestinians

By Anshel Pfeffer, February 25, 2016

A plan by Israel's Finance Minister, Moshe Kahlon, to allow Palestinian companies greater access to Israel's building sector could herald a split in the cabinet over both security and housing policy.

It comes as another showdown brews between Israel's security establishment and the government over policy on Gaza.


LSE publishes blog post accusing Zionism of “delegitimising” and “dehumanising” Palestinians

By JC Reporter, December 3, 2015

The London School of Economics has published a post on its website accusing Zionism of being based on Jewish biblical “notions of separateness, superiority and entitlement”.


Shin Bet rounds-up settlers in major West Bank operation

By Jessica Weinstein, August 10, 2015

Israeli police have rounded up extremist Jewish settlers in their biggest operation in years.

The Shin Bet arrested nine people suspected of extremist activities against Palestinians on Sunday. Two more were placed in “administrative detention” without trial.


Israelis put second ‘Jewish extremist’ in administrative detention

By JC Reporter, August 5, 2015

Israel has detained a second alleged Jewish extremist in line with the prime minister’s vow to crack down on “terror”.

Eviatar Slonim was arrested on Tuesday night, accused of belonging to an extremist organisation and placed in ‘administrative detention’.


WATCH: IDF airlifts Palestinian arson victim to Israeli hospital

August 3, 2015

Following the arson attack on Palestinian homes in Douma on Friday, IDF forces transferred the Palestinian victims from a hospital in Nablus to the Sheba Medical Center Hospital in Tel Hashomer for medical treatment.


Foreign Office urges Israel to end settlement building

By Charlotte Oliver, July 28, 2015

The Foreign Office has urged Israel to stop building settlements “on private Palestinian land”.

In a statement, Tobias Ellwood, Middle East Minister, said that “the UK is deeply concerned by reports that planning for 1,065 settlement units is being advanced, including possible retrospective approval of buildings without permits or on private Palestinian land.


Hawkish Israeli minister Silvan Shalom favours restart of peace talks

By Orlando Radice, June 22, 2015

Israeli Interior Minister Silvan Shalom has said that he is in favour of a resumption of negotiations towards a two-state solution as soon as the world powers’ talks with Iran have come to a conclusion.

The minister, who would head up any such diplomatic process with the Palestinians, said: “We want to resume negotiations but it takes two to tango.”