Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Parades chief is Jewish woman

By Leon Symons, July 16, 2009

he new chair of Northern Ireland’s Parades Commission has been greeted with a baptism of fire — almost literally.

Rena Shepherd has claimed a double first — she is the first Jew and the first woman to head the body, which maps out the routes for Ulster’s marching season. The season reached its climax this week with the annual Twelfth of July Orange Order and Apprentice Boys’ marches.

The Parades Commission was created as part of the Good Friday Agreement.


Co-existence fund’s lesson from Ireland

June 6, 2008

Eighteen Israeli police commanders have been in Belfast this week observing how the Royal Ulster Constabulary keeps the peace and the lessons it holds for policing in Israel.

The officers were visiting under the aegis of the Abraham Fund, advancing co-existence and equality among Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens, which launched a UK Friends group at a reception at London’s Reform Club on Monday.