Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin standing down as BNP leader

By Robyn Rosen, May 24, 2010

Nick Griffin has announced he will step down as leader of the BNP after the far-right party lost all its London seats.

Mr Griffin said he would end his leadership in 2013 to “make way for a younger person who does not have any baggage which can be used against the party”.

He said he wanted to concentrate on getting re-elected to the European Parliament in the 2014 elections.


Opinion: You're kidding no-one, Mr Griffin

October 29, 2009

Anglo-Jewry should form alliances with other ethnic minorities targeted by the racist BNP, but the community is generally well-armed to deal with any rise in its status or membership.

These are the views of a number of communal leaders asked two specific questions by the JC in the wake of last week’s appearance on the BBC’s Question Time by the far-right party’s chairman Nick Griffin.

We asked:

● How damaging to the Jewish community do you think the BNP’s appearance on Question Time was?


Analysis: There is no bounce, but no room for complacency

By Peter Kellner, October 29, 2009

Nick Griffin failed in his attempts on Question Time last week to persuade the British public that he was now a friend of the Jews who believed in the Holocaust and backed Israel’s actions in Gaza. By a margin of five to one, the British public regard him as “still at heart a Holocaust denier”, rather than as someone who “has genuinely changed his mind”. And just over half the electorate think Jews would “have reason to be fearful” if the BNP gained significantly in strength.


Poll: BNP leader Nick Griffin 'lied' over Holocaust

By Barry Toberman, October 29, 2009

More than two in three Britons believe Nick Griffin is a Holocaust denier despite the BNP leader’s claim to the contrary during his controversial Question Time appearance.

In a poll conducted exclusively for the JC by YouGov this week, 1,409 adults were asked if they were convinced by Griffin’s belated acceptance of the Holocaust. Sixty-nine per cent responded that “Griffin is still at heart a Holocaust denier and only pretends to have changed his views to make the BNP appear more moderate”.


BNP banned from Parliament

October 21, 2009

Following action by John Mann MP and a vote in the House of Commons, MEPs including the BNP’s Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons will be denied Parliamentary passes and access to House of Commons facilities thus putting an end to a 20 year precedent.

Mr Mann’s early day motion was signed by dozens of parliamentary colleagues. It noted that while Euro MPs had traditionally been granted passes to the Houses of Parliament, the reverse was not true for UK MPs trying to access European parliamentary services.


BNP on Question Time: the chaos continues

By Jessica Elgot and Marcus Dysch, October 21, 2009

Last-ditch attempts to block the appearance of BNP leader Nick Griffin on Question Time tomorrow are being launched.

The Young Jewish Political Network will launch a Twitter protest about the appearance of the BNP leader on the BBC’s flagship political programme.

The group is asking followers to twitter the message #NoToTheBNP on the social networking site.

YJPN will also be tweeting messages in the hours leading up to the programme, listing the reasons why the far-right group is not representative of Britain.


Let's not give Griffin air time

By Alex Brummer, October 15, 2009

The timing could not be worse for the BBC. The disclosure that the British National Party leader Nick Griffin has been invited to be a member of the Question Time panel on October 22 comes hard on the heels of a highly charged appearance by two BNP activists on Radio 1’s flagship current affairs programme Newsbeat — a show not known for hard-hitting journalism.


BNP on Question Time? Why not?

By Jeremy Isaacs, October 15, 2009


‘Let Truth and Falsehood grapple”, wrote Milton in Areopagitica, his classic argument for freedom of speech. “Who ever knew Truth put to the worse in a free and open encounter?”


BNP in court

August 27, 2009

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has issued county court proceedings against the British National Party and its leader Nick Griffin. The commission is challenging the BNP’s constitution and membership criteria as “discriminatory and racist”.


Supremacist Wiginton banned from Britain

By Marcus Dysch, August 20, 2009

An American white supremacist was barred from entering Britain to attend the BNP’s annual summer festival over fears that his presence would stir up racial tension.

Preston Wiginton, 44, was turned away from the UK border after arriving at Heathrow from New York for last weekend’s Red, White and Blue festival.

He has close links to BNP leader Nick Griffin and helped to organise a university speaking tour for him in the US.