New York

New York synagogue bomb plotters sentenced

By Jennifer Lipman, June 29, 2011

A trio behind a plot to bomb a Bronx synagogue in 2009 have been given 25-year-sentences by a federal judge in the United States.

The FBI intercepted the plans before the men, James Cromitie, David Williams and Onta Williams, could carry them out.

Undercover agents gave the men fake bombs so that when they came to plant the devices in two cars by the synagogue, there was no explosion.


Burn victim hands rabbi $18m lawsuit

By Ellen Tumposky, June 23, 2011

An arson attack that left a man with severe burns has brought unwelcome scrutiny to a New York enclave of a strict Chasidic sect.

New Square - about 40 miles from New York City in Rockland County - is populated by Skver Chasidim, a group that originated in the Ukranian town of Skvyra. David Twersky has been its Grand Rabbi since his father died in 1968.


Weiner resigns over Twitter photo scandal

By Jennifer Lipman, June 16, 2011

The disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner has announced that he is to step down over the scandal of his online communications.

Mr Weiner said he would leave his job, ending more than a week of speculation about his political future. He said he was sorry for the embarrassment that he had caused and added that he hoped to continue to fight for the key causes of his constituents.


Rabbi's plea for missing student Lauren Spierer

By Anna Slater, June 16, 2011

Friends of the missing Jewish student Lauren Spierer attended a special synagogue ceremony to pray for her safe return.

Ms Spierer, 20, was last seen on June 3 after attending a party with friends at Indiana University.

The ceremony, held at Scarsdale Synagogue in her home county of Westchester, New York, was lead by Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman.


No feet - but he's suing over a pedicure

By Ellen Tumposky, June 16, 2011

A wheelchair-bound Chasidic Jew has filed more than 80 lawsuits in the past year over handicapped access, including suing a pedicure salon in Manhattan - even though he has no feet.


Christian leader stands firm on Weiner Jesus advice

By Anna Slater, June 15, 2011

A Christian leader has refused to apologise for suggesting that disgraced Jewish Congressman Anthony Weiner could only find redemption through Jesus.


Controversy over pet cemetery's 'no people' rule

By Jennifer Lipman, June 14, 2011

A New York woman is engaged in a dispute with state authorities after they ruled that people should not be buried in the same cemeteries as their pets.

Rhona Levy, 61, has long planned to be cremated and have her ashes buried next to her five pets at Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, in Westchester. The site is described as "America's first and most prestigious pet burial grounds".


Search continues for missing Jewish student

By Jennifer Lipman, June 13, 2011

The family of a Jewish student from New York, who went missing from her university campus ten days ago, has set up a website in the hope of finding her.

Lauren Spierer, 20, was last seen on the night of June 3, leaving a party with friends at Indiana University. Her keys were found in a nearby alleyway.


Weinergate: Tweeting congressman comes clean

By Jennifer Lipman, June 7, 2011

A married Jewish Congressman from New York has been left red-faced and a political punch bag after it emerged that he had sent a lewd photograph of himself to a woman he met online.


After Israel controversy, Tony Kushner to accept honorary degree

By Jennifer Lipman, June 3, 2011

Tony Kushner will accept an honorary degree from New York's City University (CUNY) today, a month after one of its board members attempted to block him from the award because of his stance on Israel.