Greek Nazi party faces crackdown

October 23, 2014

Dozens of activists and politicians affiliated to the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn are facing trial for criminal offences.

A state prosecutor produced a 700-page document last week which outlined the legal case against more than 50 key party members - in addition to the 16 MPs who are currently in custody pending trial.


Oxford University will return Nazi-looted salt cellar

By Jonathan Kalmus, October 22, 2014

Oxford University is to return a Nazi-looted antique which had been part of a £10 million collection.

Jewish heirs have successfully claimed the 16th-Century silver-gilt salt cellar which was taken as part of a forced sale by the Nazis in Berlin in 1937.

It originally belonged to Hamburg Jewish collector Emma Budge, whose large collection was ordered to be sold.


'Repentance' from Germany offers new hope for justice

By Efraim Zuroff, October 7, 2014

The announcement that the Simon Wiesenthal Center has submitted the names of 80 of the youngest men and women who served in the infamous Einsatzgruppen to the German authorities was not purposely planned for the period between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.


Secret Nazi-hunter who tracks suspects from the shadows

By Marcus Dysch, October 7, 2014

V Tucked away from the crowds in the back corner of a coffee shop, Stephen Ankier cuts an unassuming figure.But the man with the thick white hair is one of the country’s leading experts in the hunt for Second World War criminals now living in Britain. Not that he readily admits it.
“I normally shun publicity. I’m just an ordinary member of the community.


Video: I shot Dad's Nazi killer

By JCReporter, October 2, 2014


Nazi truth that West refuses to recognise

By Michael Goldfarb, September 23, 2014

In an era of diminished news budgets, foreign reporting is skimpy at best. We know there is fighting in eastern Ukraine along the border with Russia. But we get few details about Ukraine's fiercest warriors, the 500-strong Azov Battalion.

Are they heroes fighting Russian aggression? Or antisemitic, neo-fascist nationalists on a glory hunt?


Auschwitz guard charged with murder of 300,000

September 17, 2014

A 93-year-old man has been charged with 300,000 counts of murder and is expected to be the oldest Nazi concentration camp guard to face trial.

Oskar Gröning worked at Auschwitz during the Holocaust. He denies being involved in the murder of Jews.

He claims his role was to check luggage as victims arrived at the camp.


Boycott recalls Nazism, says Gove

By Daniel Easterman, September 11, 2014

Tory Chief Whip Michael Gove has compared the campaign to boycott Israeli goods with the first stages of the Nazi move against Jews in the 1930s.


Goebbels used my photo to show ideal Aryan child

By Rosa Doherty, July 3, 2014

A Jewish woman has revealed that a picture of her as a baby was used by the Nazis to portray the ideal Aryan infant.

A photo of Hessy Taft as a six-month-old baby was selected by Nazi communications minister Joseph Goebbels to be used in propaganda material.


Ukip defends alliance with Swedish extremists

By Marcus Dysch, June 26, 2014

The UK Independence Party has defended its decision to work with members of a Swedish party which was set up by former Nazis.

Ukip MEPs have joined a European Parliament grouping alongside representatives of the Sweden Democrat party, despite the Scandinavian group’s history of extreme nationalism, white supremacy and links to the Waffen SS.