Nazi occupation

A Secret

By Gerald Aaron, May 9, 2008


Philippe Grimbert’s well-received 2004 autobiographical novel Secret centred on a Parisian Jewish family suffering unspeakable strain during the Second World War German occupation of France.

Now the novel has been sensitively adapted for the screen by director Claude Miller (with Natalie Carter) and transformed into compelling, beautifully played drama.


Travels with my father the 'spy'

By Alex Kasriel, April 25, 2008

Stuart Urban’s film about his dad’s wartime adventures led to some welcome family bonding, he tells Alex Kasriel


Historian wins a pulitzer

April 11, 2008

Historian Saul Friedlander, 75, who was born in Prague, has won a Pulitzer Prize for his book The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945.