Moshe Katzav

Wife of former Israeli President Moshe Katzav requests presidential pardon

By Sandy Rashty, October 15, 2012

The wife of former Israeli President Moshe Katzav has requested a presidential pardon on behalf of her husband, who was found guilty of rape and sexual harassment last November.

Gila Katzav personally presented the request to President Shimon Peres for approval, according to Ynet news.


Jailed former president Katzav denied another appeal hearing

By Jennifer Lipman, May 14, 2012

Israel’s disgraced former president has been denied an appeal hearing in his rape case.
Moshe Katzav.

Nearly five years after he resigned from the presidency in the wake of the allegations against him, Supreme Court Justice Esther Hayut ruled that the points raised by katzav’s legal team did not warrant another hearing.


Ex-president Katzav begins prison sentence

By Jennifer Lipman, December 7, 2011

The former president of Israel has entered prison to begin his seven year sentence for rape.

Moshe Katzav, who left office in 2007 in disgrace in the wake of an indictment against him, is the highest-ranking Israeli official to serve time in prison. The eight h person to serve as Israeli president, he served in the Knesset and held a number of cabinet positions during his political career.


Katzav's rape conviction upheld by Supreme Court

By Jessica Elgot, November 10, 2011

Former Israeli president Moshe Katzav has had his rape conviction upheld by the Supreme Court – and will be the first president in the country’s history to serve time in jail.

The Supreme Court judges Edna Arble, Miriam Naor and Salim Joubran upheld the seven-year prison sentence, which Katzav will serve from December 7.


Prison delay for politician in rape case

By Jennifer Lipman, May 18, 2011

Convicted rapist Moshe Katzav will remain outside of prison until his appeal is heard, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled today.

The former Israeli president could be free for several more months while the case is reviewed.

He was sentenced to seven years in jail for rape and sexual assault convictions in March, but at the beginning of May announced that he would challenge the ruling.


Katzav wins rape sentence delay for appeal

By Jennifer Lipman, May 3, 2011

Moshe Katzav has won a delay to his prison sentence after Israel's Supreme Court ruled it should not start until his appeal is heard.

The disgraced former Israeli president was due to go to jail for seven years on May 8, following his conviction last December for two counts of rape and other charges.


Israel's ex-president Katzav to appeal against rape sentence

By Jennifer Lipman, April 11, 2011

Moshe Katzav is planning to appeal against the seven year prison sentence he was given following his conviction for raping a former employee.

With just a month before his sentence is due to begin on May 8, lawyers for the disgraced former Israeli president said they would ask for a delay.


'Katzav used his position to commit crime'

By Anshel Pfeffer, March 24, 2011

The eighth president of Israel will enter a prison cell on May 8.

Moshe Katzav was sentenced on Tuesday to seven years' imprisonment, and ordered to pay compensation of £15,000 and £4,000 to two women whom he had raped and sexually attacked.


Israel's ex-president Moshe Katzav sentenced to seven years

By Jennifer Lipman, March 22, 2011

The former Israeli president Moshe Katzav has been sentenced to seven years in prison for rape.

In a dramatic scene, the 65-year-old cried and screamed after learning of his fate, shouting that the charges against him were a lie and that the courts had “made a mistake”.


Israel set for Katzav rape case sentence

By Jennifer Lipman, March 21, 2011

An Israeli court is expected to announce a sentence tomorrow for former president and convicted rapist Moshe Katzav.

Mr Katzav, who was found guilty after a four year case on two counts of rape and other charges of sexual harassment, could face a 16-year prison sentence. However it is thought in that case that he will attempt an appeal to Israel's Supreme Court.