Mohammed film protests

The Mohammed video and freedom of speech

By Adam Walker, September 27, 2012

As the oldest Muslim youth organisation in the UK, we denounce the utterly reprehensible film Innocence of Muslims The film, we believe, amounts to a grossly unprincipled use of the right to freedom of speech and a flagrant attempt to incite the emotions of a large proportion of the world.


The rumours and the rampage

By David Aaronovitch, September 20, 2012

Travelling as I was in the middle of last week, I missed the beginning of the story of what became known as the "US film" - in reality a shoddy YouTube trailer made by someone in the US - that led to/sparked/coincided with/had nothing at all to do with (delete according to source) the attacks on US and other diplomatic buildings in the Muslim world.


As ever, it’s our fault

September 20, 2012

In theory, Muslim anger at the actions of a Coptic Christian ought to have nothing to do with Jews. But in the real world, things do not work like that. When the now infamous anti-Islam film was first noticed, the instinctive reaction of much of the media was to blame "The Jews", parroting without question the idea that the director was Israeli and that the film's funding came from other Jews.


What motivated the man who made the hateful Mohammed film? Years of bloody persecution

By Anshel Pfeffer, September 20, 2012

The Coptic Christian community in Egypt fears reprisals after angry protesters attacked Western embassies and institutions in revenge for the Innocence of Islam film that portrayed the Prophet Mohammed as a cruel and buffoonish womaniser.


Mohammed film: Anatomy of a lie

By Joseph Weissman, September 20, 2012

On the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, the American ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was murdered by Islamists.

Coincidentally, protests flared throughout many Muslim-majority states in protest at the film trailer The Innocence of Muslims, which insulted Mohammed and the Muslim faith.


Violent protests spread across Middle East and Arab world

By Jennifer Lipman, September 14, 2012

Politicians have condemned the violence as Islamist riots that began in Libya earlier this week have spread to other parts of the Arab world.


Libya riot: Israel calls Islam film producer 'unspeakable idiot'

By Jennifer Lipman, September 13, 2012

Israel's Foreign Ministry has stressed that a film said by some to have triggered fatal rioting in Libya and Egypt had not been made with Israel's involvement.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor stated unequivocally that the film, made by a man who indentifies himself as an Israeli Jew, "has nothing to do whatsoever with Israel".


Condolences offered after deaths of four in Benghazi

By Jennifer Lipman, September 12, 2012

Politicians from around the world have offered condolences to the family and friends of the victims of an attack on US embassy staff in Libya.

The US envoy to the North African country, Christopher Stevens, was killed along three others during a pro-Islamist riot broke in Benghazi on Tuesday night.

President Obama said in a statement that he strongly condemned "the outrageous attack".


US ambassador to Libya killed in pro-Islamist riot

By Sandy Rashty, September 12, 2012

A video attacking the Prophet Mohammed has sparked an attack on US embassy in Libya in which the American ambassador was killed.