Mental health

Baddiel: 'You can be depressed for no reason'

By Josh Jackman, December 3, 2015

David Baddiel has spoken of his guilt at suffering from depression, a condition that also affected his grandfather, who survived the Holocaust.


Sister of Chasidic girl who committed suicide in July, also kills herself

By JC Reporter, November 24, 2015

The older sister of a Chasidic girl who killed herself by leaping from a rooftop bar in Manhattan four months ago has also committed suicide.

Sara Mayer, 31, was found dead on Sunday afternoon in her parents’ home in Borough Park.

Her sister, Faigy, 30, killed herself after climbing onto a ledge during a party on the roof of the 230 Fifth restaurant in the Flatir


Altered attitudes can open worlds

By Steve Silberman, November 5, 2015

A few years ago, after someone mentioned to me about the supposed rise of autism in Silicon Valley, I started reading every news story about autism I could find and downloading journal articles by the score. It soon became clear that the mysterious rise in diagnoses was not restricted to California, where I live.


Mental health awareness

November 3, 2015

Southend and Westcliff Community Care committee held a Dementia Awareness evening. Guest speaker Michael Meehan from the Alzheimer’s Society told the 60-strong audience: “Three thousand people are living with dementia in the Southend area; 850,000 in the UK, and this is expected to double in the next 30 years." Mr Meehan also outlined how the Alzheimer`s Society funds research products.


Poster boys who show Langdon's work in progress

October 8, 2015

A poster campaign celebrating the employment achievements of four people with learning disabilities has been launched across the borough of Barnet by Langdon, supporting young adults with learning difficulties.

The campaign is designed to highlight the reality that having a learning disability is not a barrier to employment.


Working well - Kisharon's scheme to find jobs for the learning disabled

By Rosa Doherty, September 10, 2015

National statistics show that 65 per cent of people with a learning disability want to work - yet only one-in-ten of these are in jobs.

But learning disability charity Kisharon insists it finds paid work for everyone on its employment programme.

Chief executive Dr Beverley Jacobson explains that the positions are mostly "only for a couple of hours a week.


Awareness boost for Jami

By Josh Jackman, July 30, 2015

Jami's landmark mental health campaign has attracted a huge rise in referrals to the service.

Think Ahead, the first mental health campaign to target the entire Jewish community, was launched in May in the JC. The next month, there was a 186 per cent increase in new people contacting the charity for assistance.


Talk Around It offers speech therapy for stroke survivors

By Carl Nelkin, May 28, 2015

Dubliner Aviva Cohen has received €50,000 (£37,000) from Enterprise Ireland to help families whose loved ones have speech and language difficulties following stroke, brain injury, dementia and other chronic conditions.


Campaign launched to tackle stigma of mental illness

By Josh Jackman, May 21, 2015

A campaign has been launched to tackle the stigma surrounding mental illness within the Jewish community.

Think Ahead will run for a year, using 30 striking images accompanied by text, which Jami hopes will get people talking.


Getting physical to boost mental health

By Josh Jackman, May 21, 2015

Physical health is mainstream. Our culture is saturated with messages on how to improve your wellbeing, the government regularly runs campaigns targeting obesity, and no one will doubt you if you say you have a broken arm.

In contrast, mental health sufferers can feel as if they are ignored and isolated, with no idea of how to get better, or if a recovery is even possible.