Olympic torch and top award for young writer

By Jennifer Lipman, June 10, 2011

A Jewish journalist has had her work commended by the judges of a prestigious media award.

Emma Barnett, the digital media editor of the Daily Telegraph, was named the "digital editorial individual 2011" at the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) awards ceremony in London last week.


Ad campaign aims to show true face of Hamas

By Jennifer Lipman, May 19, 2011


Glenn Beck plans Jerusalem courage rally

By Jennifer Lipman, May 16, 2011

Glenn Beck has revealed plans to hold a solidarity event in Jerusalem.

The controversial US pundit said on his radio show that he was arranging the "Restoring Courage" rally for the coming August, in order to create a "people of faith solution" to the conflict in the Middle East.


Jewish Chronicle in hunt for new CEO

May 12, 2011

The Jewish Chronicle is to launch a search for a new chief executive. The successful applicant will succeed managing director, Alan Rubenstein.


Glenn Beck, live from Israel

By Jessica Elgot, May 11, 2011

Controversial US commentator Glenn Beck spent yesterday in Israel, broadcasting his radio show from the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, and now plans to make a film in the country.


Arab TV station set for launch in Israel

By Jennifer Lipman, May 9, 2011

Israeli Arabs are to have a dedicated Arab-language television channel for the first time.

Arab audiences in Israel have long had access to satellite channels including al-Jazeera, while Israel's state television channel includes several hours of Arabic content each day.

The Israeli Communications Ministry said that the new station, to be called Hala TV, would go live in three months.


On this day: Hitler Diaries revealed as hoax

By Jennifer Lipman, May 6, 2011

Undoubtedly one of the most famous swindles in history, the Hitler Diaries were greeted with excitement around the world.

The con began in April, when a reporter for Germany's Stern magazine, Gerd Heidemann, claimed he had his hands on 62 handwritten volumes by the Nazi Fuhrer.


Rachel Beer: Fleet Street's first woman editor

By Simon Round, May 5, 2011

Until very recently if you Googled the name Rachel Beer you would not come up with anything very much, certainly nothing to suggest that she did what no woman has done before or since - edit both the Observer and the Sunday Times. Indeed, for eight years she was in editorial control of both papers.


Gyspy scare stories given Jewish makeover

By Jennifer Lipman, April 27, 2011

A group campaigning for the rights of Britain's traveller communities has set up a website substituting the word gypsy in "blatantly racist" headlines with the word Jew.

The Dale Farm Solidarity group built Jewify to raise awareness of the "official institutions, mainstream politicians, or newspapers openly espousing…racism against Gypsies".


Comment is free to challenge

April 14, 2011

A news aggregate and commentary website which declares itself the "equal and opposite" to the Guardian's Comment is Free was launched last week.

The Commentator aims to provide news and commentary from analysts, journalists and politicians in Britain, the United States and Europe, including Emmanuelle Ottelenghi, Tom Gross and Harry Cole.