Stephen Fry to marry partner

By Anna Behrmann, January 7, 2015

Stephen Fry has said that he is “very very happy” about his upcoming nuptials to his partner, the stand-up comedian, Elliott Spencer.

The 57-year-old actor and presenter has given formal notice to his 27-year-old partner, Spencer, at a register office in Norfolk, near where he grew up.


Masorti makes history as rabbis approve same-sex marriage

By Simon Rocker, October 22, 2014

The British Masorti movement has followed the Liberals and Reform by taking a historic decision to allow its rabbis to conduct same-sex marriages.

Gay and lesbian couples will now be able to marry in Masorti synagogues in a move approved without opposition by the movement’s trustees last night.


Man refused wife a get but stalked her

By Simon Rocker, August 7, 2014

A property developer from Golders Green who has refused his estranged wife a get has been found guilty of stalking her.

Yossi Elkoubi was convicted at Willesden Magistrates Court last Friday of behaviour amounting to harassment of Rifka Meyer, to whom he was married in a religious but not a civil ceremony in 2009. They have been separated for two years.


Mum's divorce campaign goes viral

By Rosa Doherty, June 26, 2014

An Orthodox Jewish woman in New York has launched a social media campaign calling for her husband to grant her a religious divorce.

Rivky Stein, 24, has been fighting for two years to secure a get from Yoel Weiss, 31.


Charities will listen to estranged grandparents but they ‘cannot intervene’

By Charlotte Oliver, June 3, 2014

Charities have urged grandparents estranged from their families to come to them for help.

According to the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR), the Census in 2011 revealed there are 55,000 Jewish people aged 65 and over in the UK, 87 per cent of whom have children. So there are potentially 48,000 Jewish grandparents living in the UK.


Grandparents cast off from grandchildren

By Charlotte Oliver, June 3, 2014

Suzette is able to count on one hand the number of times she has seen her grandchildren.

For 11 years, the 75-year-old and her husband have been estranged from their son and his children.

“My daughter-in-law took a dislike to me as soon as the children were born,” she said. “I was picked on for anything and everything, until eventually I was denied all contact.


Same-sex marriage will widen the religious rift

By Rabbi Zvi Solomons, April 27, 2014

Three years ago the internet was awash with pictures of two frum Jewish men under a chupah in New York, wearing white kittels. The headlines screamed that this was the first “Orthodox” gay wedding.


How salt beef became a recipie for a hot date

By Rosa Doherty, April 18, 2014

“Who doesn’t like a hot salt-beef sandwich?” Allan Davis asked himself when creating a dating site for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Jews.

He created after noticing a gap in the market.


Same-sex couple among first to wed

By Charlotte Oliver, March 27, 2014

A Jewish woman from Brighton and her non-Jewish partner will be among the first same-sex couples in the country to get married when the new law comes into force on Saturday.

Nicola Pettit will marry Tania Ward on Saturday morning at a ceremony in Brighton Town Hall, followed by a traditional Jewish blessing in the evening, led by Rabbi Janet Darley of South London Liberal Synagogue.


Won’t give a get? Expect ghouls with cattle prods

By Dan Friedman, March 20, 2014

Did you hear the one about the man from New Jersey who refused to divorce his wife? Eight Jewish heavies wearing Halloween masks and brandishing cattle prods turned up in a warehouse with the aim of kidnapping and torturing him until he agreed to give a get. But when the gang arrived to carry out their plan, they found an FBI agent waiting for them.