Manchester Jewish Representative Council

Jewish Leadership Council attacked for ignoring regions

By Jonathan Kalmus, October 10, 2013

Senior figures in Manchester’s Jewish community have attacked the Jewish Leadership Council as “an old boys’ club” that ignores regional communities in its decisions.

They also criticised controversial plans to merge the JLC with the Board of Deputies.


'Sexing up' rep council

By Jonathan Kalmus, April 22, 2013

Manchester Jewish Representative Council has formed a committee to brighten its image and entice more young people into leadership roles.


Lobby to save Manchester BBC radio show

By Jonathan Kalmus, May 24, 2012

Manchester’s Jewish Representative Council president has requested a meeting with the BBC’s north-west head as part of a campaign to save the Jewish Citizen Manchester show.

Frank Baigel wants to discuss the axing, on cost-cutting grounds, of the BBC Radio Manchester programme. One campaigner said the corporation had received a “deluge of complaints” over the cancellation.