Lord Levy

Lord Levy: how I survived

By Jenni Frazer, May 15, 2008

Lord Levy, the man at the heart of the cash-for-peerages investigation, and who is said to have saved Tony Blair from being in hock to the trades union movement, finally told his story this week, after nearly two years of silence.


Let Lord Levy speak his mind

By Geoffrey Alderman, May 8, 2008

The attacks on Michael Levy’s new memoir are groundless


Ex-MP attacks Lord Levy’s ‘nauseating’ Blair memoir

By Simon Rocker, May 1, 2008

A former Labour MP this week launched a scathing attack on Lord Levy for publishing memoirs which reveal inside details of Tony Blair’s government. Many of Lord Levy’s targets appear to be Jewish, from Carole Caplin to Sir Ronald Cohen.

Eric Moonman, an executive member of the Association of Former Members of Parliament, hit out at the former chief Labour fundraiser and Middle East envoy for spilling the beans.